kanjikode messages

My little children, I am the bride of the Holy Spirit. This mother continuously strives to gain abundant graces for you from God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit of love.

The church should be renewed by the Holy fire. The whole world should come into the fullness of truth, the Holy Gospel of Jesus and into the only Church which He desired and established. This is made possible through the Holy Spirit. The whole world must be renewed. The church should prepare herself ardently for the second Pentecost. All her children should prepare themselves. For that, my children, pray along with me, who am the beloved bride of the Holy Spirit and your mother. You must strive to receive the Holy Spirit through the powerful intercession of my Immaculate Heart and let the image of my beloved Son glow fully in you. Children, the time is at hand. It is essential that each one sees himself in the burning fire of heavenly truth and gets ready for the glorious days of purity, love, justice, blessings and peace through transformation.

May you awake to my voice, the loving bride of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit can never reject His bride’s voice calling on Him. So my little children, join this mother in pleading for the gifts of the Holy Spirit and come together as the apostles did and prayed. This is the time when the Holy Spirit is showered abundantly. Fill your hearts with hope. The holy church is passing through the difficult times of Calvary. She has been betrayed and insulted; the sheep divided and the shepherds beaten up. Owing to the loss of faith, the number of those who have given up religion are on the increase. The Holy Spirit will surely come down to cleanse you from all these. Children, pray, pray for the Pope. Each of you be prepared because the second Pentecost is at hand (from 28th message on 31, May, 1998)


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