III     01 January 1997 :  Message given by Our Lady on the Feast of the

          Mother God.

I am your merciful mother. My motherly mission is to give you Jesus, the symbol of our Heavenly Father’s invaluable love towards humanity. I have come to help you in overpowering the moments of difficulties and tests. My children, pray that the divine light may be received in its fullness by priests and religious since they become victims of the machinations of the devil. Meditate deeply on the divine mysteries of His Majesty and raise yourself and others to a life filled with the glory of the Resurrected Christ.

My children, I am the beginning of a new era. Disunity in the church is gone too far. The schisms that drag the children of the church along wrong paths, the unhealthy competition and quarrels with the Pope and the Hierarchy are wicked satanic schemes that threaten the spiritual unity of the church. Pray that the attempts of Satan to draw the religious down the paths of sin and evil are defeated. My children, Satan’s plan is to draw numerous individuals away from their love for me – a love which has created in them the desire to lead a life of goodness and holiness filled with the love of God. This is the beginning of a new era – an era of brotherhood and peace and ahead are days of preparation. Pray and prepare yourselves because sinfulness has reached its peak. So,


children, my message is all the more relevant these days. Let each of you be consecrated to my Immaculate Heart. Do not let your courage fail but proceed with a dedicated heart. I am there with you showering my motherly love! Pray incessantly. Let the devotion to the Rosary be spread throughout the world!


IV     02 February 1997 : Message given by Our Lady on the feast of the

           Presentation of the Lord.

My children, this is the day when the loving mystery of Divine Motherhood has been established – the day child Jesus, the Son of God has been presented to God, the precious moment when, the divine mystery was revealed in the presence of my husband Joseph and me. Simeon, filled with the Holy Spirit, prophesied about the infant and he also stated that my heart would be pierced by a sword. His words were fulfilled in the fullness of time. But my children, the swords gifted by the present world, the insults hurled by the sons of the church become unbearable wounds in my heart. But still, as my Son has honoured me as the mother of the world, I have come to save the world despite the suffering. My heart is repeatedly being wounded when I see my sons and daughters living not in adherence to the Divine Will. This is caused by an inner void. The church is moving towards darkness. My children pray specially for the religious. I dedicate each of my children to the glory of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit as I had done with my child Jesus in accordance with the Law of   Moses. Permit me to guide and control your spiritual life as if you were a little   child. That alone  will be sufficient, my children. I shall lead you to salvation through my Immaculate Heart.


V       11 February 1997 : Message given by Our Lady on the  Feast of

           Our Lady of Lourdes.

My children the world today is a limitless heap of sin. Wherever you look, you see luxury and sins against chastity on the increase. My enemy is more alert now   than ever before to defile the purity of mind and infuse pride in the heart. Even though the gospel is being preached, the seeds that bear fruit are rare. In order to show the paths of prayer, reparation and repentance that man must follow, I manifest myself in many befitting places and through suitable individuals and deliver messages. However, many children hesitate to wash and purify themselves in the spring shown by me – the living spring  that flows from the pierced Heart of my Son , unceasingly and never drying up. My children, bring those who are leading a sinful life to this spring of life.  Live in submission and love. Children, the Rosary is my favourite prayer. When you recite the rosary, invite me so that I too may join you in prayer. I’ll let the beads of the Rosary move through my fingers – then you will become children praying along with your Heavenly Mother. And then you will be empowered to combat the fearful battle against Satan and his evil army. It is the strongest weapon against this battle. When the Rosary is recited, the heavenly beings, along with the Holy Trinity, rejoice. You are protected all around and forts are created for you.


VI     24 March 1997 : Message given by Our Lady on the eve of the Feast of the


My children, though 1997 has been declared ‘The Year of Mercy’, Mercy is not meant just for a year. You must pray that God prolongs the period of mercy, because the world contains more sinners than would repent within this given period. Pray specially for the consecrated souls because Lucifer has challenged my Divine Son. He says that if he is able to ensnare the souls of the consecrated first, then it is very easy to ensnare the souls of laymen. So children, pray, pray intensely. Pray the rosary on your knees. In a complete Rosary there are 153 Hail Marys. When you say the Rosary and pray for the repentance of sinners, heaven rejoices and I intercede for you. Pray that all human beings break free from the desires of the flesh and worldliness and come to Godliness. You will witness  great earthquakes and severe disasters. Put on the weapons of prayer and the Word of God. Satan has come into your midst in great wrath. Pray for mercy so that you may be saved from his grip and from the wrath of God. It is man who brings evil on



himself. You cannot confront it either with unsheathed swords or with cavalry. Do not be anxious or frightened hearing this; instead, pray for mercy.


VII    30 March 1997 : Message given by Our Lady on Easter Day.

My children this incident has been commemorated for centuries as a reminder for mankind. But how many are there in the present world who walk in the path of purity and

in the light of the Resurrection? Poor children who give importance only to worldliness and pleasures! My children, walk along with me in the path of prayer. Only through prayer can we enter the new era awaiting the world. My daughter, I yearn to fill the children, who come to me, with comfort and the grace of God. In the vast arid earth, the Word of Jesus is the dewdrop that soothes the life of those human beings who burn with the remorse of sin. There are many children in the church who, owing to their monotony and idleness, are like plants withered and dried up. My daughter, why don’t they remember that today is the day of the great Resurrection which will bring cool showers to their parched hearts?  Place those children in my Immaculate Heart and pray that they experience the warmth of new life in Jesus.


VIII   1 May 1997 : The Message Given by Jesus  when the image of Jesus enthroned

            in the house of Rani John shed tears of Blood on the feast of St. Joseph, the







                                    Photo of the image of Jesus shedding tears of blood




         My children, my love for you is unlimited and unconditional, but many of my children, like you, are deeply immersed in the mire of dirt, bloodstained with sin. You have to pray for their sake along with fasting and penance. The blood you have seen flowing from my mouth and eyes today is the symbol that my Sacred Heart beats for them dearly.  [Joel 2:12-13]


IX     06 June 1997 : Message given by Jesus on the Feast of the

          Sacred Heart of Jesus.

          (John 11: 5-10]

Showing the Sacred Heart of Jesus: “My children this aching Heart has many hidden mysteries. My daughter, when I take upon myself the pains of the sorrowful mysteries of this world, my Heart is pierced. My children pray with hearts on fire. The instances where the Holy Eucharist is insulted are on the increase. My children, understand the pain of my Heart! Can I expect a life full of gratitude from the children of this world? My daughter, look at my Heart. Immerse the sinners of the world in the merciful waters flowing from this Heart. Receive graces from this sea of light. Disregard completely false prophesies. Pray incessantly and yearningly for the gift of the Holy Spirit, so that no one may mislead another. False prophets, and those who have the gift of tongues,  have come to mislead you. Do not believe them. I will never desert you if you take shelter in my Sacred Heart. Be certain of this my children. Sins multiply hundredfold. Continuous and unceasing prayer is hard to be found in the world. My children fear not if the world hates you. My mother asks me to gift you with today’s life and I will give it to you. Take care that darkness does not overpower you. Here is My Heart  open for you. Pray for those sinful children who question the purity of my Immaculate Mother. Womanhood is turned into a slaughter house. My children, pray for them. My mother – who is your mother too – is much wounded. Don’t you hear her cry?”




X       30 June 1997 : Message given by Our Lady on the feast of the first

           Martyrs of Rome.

Standing near the Sacred Heart of Jesus from which flows bright radiant rays, Mother says, I am the Mother of the most Holy Eucharist. My children, why do you hesitate to take shelter in my Holy Son Jesus, who showers hope even in hearts filled with despair ? Receive graces from this sea of light and make pure your sinful conscience. My Son and I yearn to see you sanctified before God our Father! Give up enmity and strengthen yourselves in patience. Do you see or remember the unbearable sight of the Holy Heart pierced for the love of humanity. My children, do not sin! Love everyone with a pure heart!


XI11 July 1997: Message given by Our Lady on the feast of St. Benedict.   

My children, only the experienced can comprehend experiences. For those who reject my Immaculate Heart the light emanating from my Immaculate Heart will always be darkness. Do you love Jesus? If so, you have to love the cross too. Love gained through suffering is firm and unchangeable and that is truly the love of Christ.

Deuteronomy 30:11–14, Esther 10:9, Titus 2:11-15, Ephesians 2:10-17, Philippians 2:15-17. Can the stars of the sky and the grains of sand on the earth be counted by  men ? Then why is it that man, a slave of the earth, goes about so proudly? My Son knows only to love. Can you accept and cherish that love? I Peter 3: 8-17

Think about it my children. Are you all persevering disciples of Jesus? Or will you deny Jesus in a way worse than Peter did? Never be like whitened sepulchres. Is there anyone among you who could say in any circumstance, ‘Fear not, I am with you’?

“Here I am.”

Jesus, who has told you ‘Fear not’ from the very beginning, says now, “Here I am. I tell you, do not be afraid. ”




XII    15 August 1997 : Message given by Our Lady on the Feast of the Assumption.

My child, I am using you and your family members as chosen instruments of mine because this is the time when at least some of my children have to be saved. God, our Father, has through my presence, entrusted you with certain duties for a short span of time. Everything is being fulfilled in the fullness of time. The sign of my maternal presence is manifested here also, as are the apparitions in various parts of the world. But many children have found these apparitions incredible and unbelievable. Many miracles taking place by my presence are being questioned by human intelligence. Those who seek

only the visible signs manifested in this house are not true believers! For more than nine months signs were shown through me. Now repentance shall be attained through faith, prayer and through my intercession. Repentance shall be the only sign. Hold fast to the weapon of the Rosary. The Rosary is the weapon to fight against Satan. Let all children pray fervently. Nothing is stronger than prayer. The fragrance which has caused doubts in many, has also made many believe. However, that fragrance can hence be experienced only in some moments of anointing of the Spirit. The milk I have made to flow here today will be the last but enduring sign that I have given. There will be lots of hostilities and sorrows. Even authorities will object. You will be haunted by despair. But never withdraw. As it has been prophesied by certain virtuous people inspired by the Holy Spirit, the time has come for a change in the mode of ministry. Now  prayer alone is needed. Those who come to repentance through prayer will rejoice in heaven with me. Do not be afraid children. The Lord is with you!

My children, I am the mother assumed into heaven. By the grace of God I abide in heaven as the forerunner of the human race. How pained you are when questioned by others! In this troubled atmosphere, when you are called by the Lord, my enemy, the devil, injects fatal venom into human hearts and thereby many drift into doubts and lives of sin. Thus he thinks that he rules this world. Children, I tell you, Do not fear, God is with you. My dear children, who face dangers, the time will come when truth is revealed along with the triumph of the Immaculate Heart. I am at work now, not


for recognition but for the redemption of humanity. I thank the Father on behalf of you and your family who have co-operated with me to achieve the success given by the love of Jesus. I am specially thankful to you since you have dedicated everything to my Immaculate Heart. I am happy thinking about the days when you lived in the spirit of true dedication. – you have borne everything in perfect subjugation to me!  The traps made by Satan, my enemy, to ensnare this world are terrible. Those who are trapped by him will have to experience temporary happiness and eternal disappointment. Children, offer completely every Eucharistic Sacrifice  and subordinate yourselves to the Divine Will. Do not earn damnation. There are many children in this world, who do not understand or experience the happiness of motherly love and there are those who speak evil and insult me. Children, pray and prepare that the limitless mercy may flow from Jesus and be received by you. Through your good life become worthy to experience the heavenly joys along with me and the heavenly beings.


XIII   31 August 1997 : Message given by Our Lady on the feast of St.

           Raymond Nonn.

Children, it is time you went down on your knees and prayed specially for mercy. Do as much reparation and penance as you can and plead for mercy. The Lord’s glory will work only through a life of humility and subordination. Pray intensely and – immerse yourselves in the eight day observances in preparation for the feast of my Birth.

In how many thousands has the victory of my Immaculate Heart to be achieved, so that my children on earth will experience the great wonder of love? I am the Mother of adoration and acts of reparation. My children, pray for the Pope, the shepherd of the Church, and for the areas of his apostolate. The church is much out of harmony. Pray that the children of the church prepare with me to be with Jesus in the hour of suffering.





XIV   8 September 1997 : Message given by Our Lady on the Feast of

          the Nativity of  the Virgin Mary.

This is the day of commemoration of my birth as an ordinary human being,  as  it was decided from the beginning of time  for the Word to be made flesh. At the moment of my conception I was filled with the Holy Spirit and made immaculate. That was only the beginning of the great work of redemption. I was being groomed for the work of redemption, which was prophesied and long awaited by humanity for many centuries, to be realized in history. I was born to give birth to Jesus who is the Saviour and leader of the world. My children, these are not to be considered merely as historic events. The time has come for sin to admit defeat. All creatures have to get ready to attain perfect renewal through the defeat of the wicked. The victims of sin and hatred are my children. My children, you are all living in these venomous days of the storm. Men are retreating more and more from God. The hearts filled with selfishness and hatred are withered and dry. But, my children, my motherly heart throbs on your behalf. The loving redemptive plan entrusted to me by our Heavenly Father can be fulfilled only through each of you. You will witness a new birth when the human race returns completely to redemption. Children, I want to save each of my children as Jesus desires. For that, you should be with this mother who has consented to be the handmaid of the Lord. Travel along these paths with me. Seek my help to give you light at the time of utter darkness. All of you should respond ‘Yes’ to the Divine Will. Never be misled from your path because of vain curiosity aroused by the devil. I hear Satan chanting songs of victory in the present condition of the world. Prepare to dethrone him. Children, purity, love, humility and modesty should be reflected in you. The Lord acts through the simple and the weak. Children, I see sorrows, wounds, insults, mental agonies and moments of suppression in all your lives. It is because you give priority to the ways of Satan. Seek shelter in Jesus, the source of hope and greatness. You should be aware of the disunity prevalent in the church. It is a period when the Pope and other shepherds  should proceed in unity. My children, it has reached a gory situation where a painful purgation has to take effect.    The divisive thoughts of the intellectuals question the very unity of the church. All these accelerate the shadows of pain on my heart and that of my Infant Jesus. Children I invite you to the lap of your mother. Learn simplicity, honesty, loyalty, calmness, humility, obedience and silence from me. My children, come quickly to the cradle of this Heavenly Mother. Offer prayers and a life of devotion and simplicity. Though a handmaid, and yet, crowned queen of heaven and earth, I bless you with immense joy and happiness.


XV 14 September 1997  : Message given by Our Lady on the feast  of

       the Exaltation of the Cross.

My children the human race has been redeemed and is still experiencing redemption in the crucified Jesus, who is stupid to the wise and an obstacle to those who take pride in the intellect. But I am greatly pained when I see  the unbearable burden placed by the children of today on the cross carried on His Sacred Shoulders. My children, the crucified

Jesus raised on the cross   for the redemption of his children, is your God. The human race is surfeit with the evil tendencies of violence and darkness. No one thinks of the glory of the Cross. Pray for everyone so that the dewdrops of divine mercy flow into human hearts and they receive the grace of repentance.


XVI   15  September 1997: Message given by Our Lady on the  Feast of Our Lady of  


My children, when baby Jesus was offered at the temple, the aged Simeon prophesied – a sword will pierce your heart. And following my Son from the first day of his life to the death on the cross, my heart has been pierced and into it has been brought the children of this world. My children, today I am a deeply sorrowing mother. I see a cruel heap of destruction in this world. My motherly heart is pained and wounded when I see the sinfulness of the human hearts filled with selfishness and vanity. The helpless cries emanating from the bloodshed of innocent babes, the destruction of family ties, the  thought of rising to the summit of worldliness, the children who shower worldly love in


ways that are  Satanic – my heart gets pierced when I see all these. You can comprehend the depth of my maternal sorrow only when you enter into the mystery of the deep rejection of this sorrowful mother who has become your mother at the foot of the Cross, on which my Son has sacrificed His life in obedience to the Divine Will of the Father, for your redemption. My children I am the Mother of Sorrows. I yearn to suffer pain for your sake, to plead for mercy and to get love for you. I suffer much pain for the Holy Church, my beloved daughter. The theological studies which distort the truths of faith which was taught by Jesus and is being officially taught by the  Church, and  priests who, filled with the worldly spirit,  lead a life unbecoming of the disciples of Jesus, and as a consequence of which destruction is caused in the church – Terrible moments of test are in store for the church because wolves in lambskin have entered the church. I had foretold at Fatima – immoral man would establish himself in the church and  the disgust and contempt of destructive forces will enter the holy abode of God. Today I continue to weep because the human race does not accept my motherly invitation to the mission of redemption – to bring back my children to Jesus through repentance. They insult and repudiate Jesus. Your heavenly mother is being openly humiliated and ridiculed. Men live disbelieving the signs of my deep sorrow and not lending an ear to my cry. The church lives through great trials. My Son Jesus has given a new shepherd in Pope John Paul II. Love him, support him and follow him. The church has yet to suffer. Co-operate with me in my mission and gain strength through prayer. And at the dawn of the new era let there be perseverance in abundance in the faithful.


XVII 29 September 1997 : Message given by Our Lady on  the feast of

           the Archangels.

My children I call on you to entrust all children to the Lord’s angels because the time assigned to Satan and his army is brief. The days of their victory are greater in this world. Many are the men who are overpowered by the evil of the diabolic spirit of darkness. But the angels rescue the children from many traps. The angels have a special


role to play in this battle between the crowned woman and the red serpent. Under my leadership they wage a terrible war against Satan and his evil spirits. You, my children, who love sin more than anything else in this world, give up your lives filled with despair. The Archangel Gabriel is with you with the mission to empower you with divine strength. The Angel Gabriel leads you by the Holy Spirit to the path of truth in pure faith, courage and firmness. The mission of St. Michael – is to protect you with great power from  dangerous situations into which Satan influences your lives forcing you in precarious conditions and persecute you spiritually and  physically to destroy even your life. Recite daily in your homes the deliverance prayer written by Pope Leo XIII to plead for the protection of St. Michael. The mission of St. Raphael, the archangel, is different; children , who live in this deceit-filled world, are very much hurt by several sinful circumstances and this messenger of God approaches you with soothing balms to heal all these spiritual wounds. I have entrusted to him the task of accompanying you along the paths I suggest. He will be with you to lead you along the path of safety. Live a life of dedication to my Immaculate Heart. I bless you along with the angels of God.


XVIII   7 October 1997 : The Message given by Our Lady on the  Feast of the Queen  

              of the Rosary.

My dear daughter, the angels of our Lord help you against the fierce army of sin. But this is the era when you are most in need of this weapon of the Rosary. You should hold fast to this weapon of prayer. But my daughter, do not be weakened because many disbelieve this mission entrusted to you. This mother, who is the Queen of the Rosary, will be with you throughout your life. I will strengthen those in your home. But situations are many in which you have to experience humiliations. My daughter, when the proud and the conceited ridicule this prayer, in faith do my little children, the poor and those who are going through pain and tribulations, recite this prayer. So my daughter, I remind you one thing. Through this prayer you can save innumerable souls that are in the desert


of sin and evil and in the clutches of Satan. Creating a chain reaction of goodness and through powerful action this will bear fruits of goodness. This prayer is tenfold stronger than nuclear power. This   is the prayer I love most. Satan will be scared of you when you follow your heavenly mother along the path of this simple prayer. So children recite this prayer with a child- like heart. Satanic pride will be defeated. When he realizes that I bind him not with chains but with the seemingly feeble but powerful Holy Rosary, he will undoubtedly understand that he will be subdued. Children, this is the prayer that the children of this world recite with me. At the time of this prayer, I pray for you. When you invite me for this prayer, I accept the invitation and offer my prayer with yours to God the Father through the Son. Thus it bears fruit, because Jesus cannot say ‘No’ to this Heavenly Mother’s pleading. Children when you meditate over the mysteries of the Rosary, you comprehend the life of Jesus from His Incarnation to His Resurrection and ponder deeper into the mission of Redemption. Thus, you realize the mystery of love shown through this Heavenly Mother. In this way through the Blessed Mother you attain the Holy Light from the Sacred Heart of Jesus – the great wealth of love. In the Rosary by the recitation of the Creed and by the repetition of the Our Father, you are transformed for the complete glory of God. When you say, Glory be to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, you worship the Most Holy Trinity. Uttering the sacred words,  and through the prayers, Hail Mary full of Grace, and, Holy Mary, along with this Mother, your life gains courage to act against Satan and finds divine happiness. So, children, instruct all children to use this weapon of the Rosary to put up a fierce struggle against Satan, under my leadership –the woman adorned by the sun. Do not be afraid, God is with us.







XIX   26  October 1997 – The message  given by Jesus when the miracle  of the  Holy  

          Eucharist occurred on the feast of st.Lucian.  (The  Holy Eucharist turned into  

          red living Flesh and Blood on the tongue of Rani John when she  received

          Holy Communion during the Holy Mass on this day.)







                                             Photo of the Miracle of the Eucharist

“ The humiliations and insults shown by mankind towards me, the Sacrificial Lamb on the Altar,  and towards the love of God  the Father, have increased very much. It is high time that everyone realized that I come into each child, as the living God with love and sacrifice. My daughter, the word became flesh; flesh became sacrifice. The sacrifice  gave new life . This act of redemption which takes place in eternity is being enacted and fulfilled truly in every altar of sacrifice. Is that not what you tasted and experienced, my daughter? This undeniable truth was fulfilled in the presence of the Holy Trinity; the fruit of my Holy Mother’s incessant prayer.”

This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes.

This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

(Psalm 118: 23-24)

So Jesus said to them, “Very truly, I tell you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you. Those who eat my flesh and drink my blood have eternal life, and I will raise them up on the last day; for my flesh is true food and my blood is true drink. Those who eat my flesh and drink my blood abide in me and I in them. Just as the living Father sent me,  and I live because of the Father, so whoever eats me will live because of me. This is the bread that came from heaven, not like that which



your ancestors ate, and they died. But the one who eats this bread will live forever. (John 6: 53-59.)


XX    2  November 1997 :  Message given by Our Lady on the Anniversary of the

           reception of the Miraculous Rosary.

Children, I am the Queen of the Holy Rosary. My little children, who commemorate the first Anniversary of my gift of the Rosary – a powerful weapon made in simplicity but steeped in godliness and which is to be revealed to this world – I am very pleased at your great enthusiasm, and your life filled with sacrifice and its consequent sorrowful situations. I rejoice seeing each of your little deeds carried out as a sign of your love for me. I desire to open each of my children’s hearts to the holiness of love. My victory becomes complete only when my Immaculate Heart achieves this. Children, you must accept whole- heartedly my call to embrace the cross. It will be achieved easily if you grow each day in accordance with my motherly plan. Let not your minds be laden with sorrow while in the fiery furnace of sufferings. I will provide you with opportunities to comprehend and appreciate truths inaccessible to those masked by darkness. Tirelessly be enthusiastic to enter into glory. Many have been saved by the Rosary. However, those who followed Satan and wavered lost the sublime. My children, stand firm in faith and fight using the holy weapon of the Rosary. Remain steadfast in the army that I lead through the Rosary. Lead a simple life. What does this world offer you other than what is transient? Satan cannot offer you eternity. Come in haste to this holy garden of your heavenly mother who is clad in the sun.  Children, be eager and enthusiastic to offer your lives as sacrifice along with Jesus who has become the  Sacrificial Lamb for the redemption of the world. The words of men lead them into confusion. The days of great punishment, which the world is facing now, is passing in a horrifying manner. The world has prepared itself  to become a valley of tears. Children open   the doors of your hearts. Opening them for this mother, live in peace and in the grace of God. Propagate the devotion to the Rosary without losing enthusiasm. Thus you will be strengthened all the more to drive away Satan. Children, along with the uniqueness of this day let me remind you of something. Pray for those brethren who passed away before you, with conscience marked by your faith. Those who were consecrated to my Immaculate Heart experience eternal peace and shine as golden rays of supreme eternal bliss in paradise. However, there are many other children in purgatory who are not able to be united with God. Pray for them. My children live in purity. United in prayer, wait and strive for heaven to be created on earth. Raise your prayers to heaven so that Jesus will hasten his second coming, His grace will fill the whole world and establish a garden of holiness. I, the Mother of all saints and inhabitants of the earth, am very eager to help you. Children, pray with me and work with me. Be careful not to fall into sin in this world filled with impurity and darkness. Lead a new life in the dawn of the new Era. The new life that offers the dewdrops of God’s mercy will shower on earth from the heavens.  My dear children, be one in heart in power-giving prayer. Then my tears will give way to smiles. On this fine day, inviting you to recite the Rosary along with all the saints and those good souls who have departed from this world, I wish you peace.


XXI   21 November 1997 : Message given by Our Lady on the feast of the     

           Presentation of our Blessed Mother.

My children today is the anniversary of the day when I was dedicated completely to the service of our Lord according to the Divine will of God our Father – I, who offered myself before the radiant  beam of the Holy Spirit, was being prepared for a great and  sublime mission. This is the day on which the body, comprehending the Holy Scriptures and growing up in the Word, was consecrated in the perpetual sacrificial fires for the service of God. My daughter, I was consecrated for the worship of my Lord. I lived in joy dedicating myself for His service and for His great glory through silence and prayer.

My children, in order to establish firmly the relationship between your Lord and you, do not deny even the most trivial suffering which you get through this mother. My children, how many are the tribulations which my beloved children suffer as though they are a part of Christian persecution! Children who have been ordained priests and are


serving in other lands and the religious, are being mercilessly persecuted, tortured and murdered. Satan who works through men makes it impossible for man to open his heart  towards their sufferings and cries. My children, never lose the opportunities  you get to pray. The bodies of children who live in this world will be purified as if by fire through innumerable trials inside the shrine of my heart. Gradually they will attain semblance to Jesus, your Saviour and my beloved Son– Let your life be an offering of sacrifice and love. Never avoid sufferings. The time of great trials has come. The atmosphere is filled with clouds of smoke. Furnaces of fire arise. Powerful explosives are being made. Moreover, sparks of vengeance give way to flames in human hearts. Can you imagine what the final consequence of all these would be? Pray with this mother for a downpour of the flowery rain of mercy.  Children, pray for God’s Grace so that the Pope may proceed with courage through the fierce tribulations he faces, and rule the church tirelessly. Let each child gain strength through prayer to safeguard in purity the body which is the temple. Beware lest you fall into the traps and temptations of Satan. Surrender and march ahead in prayer with this mother in order that the love of Jesus which is the refuge of all children, be reflected in you.


XXII 8  December  1997 : Message given by Our Lady on the Feast of  the

            Immaculate Conception.

I am the Immaculate Mother. Since I was destined to be the mother of the Word which became Incarnate in the most immaculate womb, i.e., with the motherhood of God in view, I was born free from original sin, nay, untouched even by the shadow of  Original sin and vouchsafed through the special plan of the most Holy Trinity. Have you not   read what has been foretold in the Book of Revelation, that this Immaculate Mother, sinless from the moment of conception, clad in the sun, will fight against the red serpent and his followers? That battle has begun. As in a battle in which a mother leads, and her children put up a united fight, you should fight against sin with rosary in hand. Children, sin is your real disease. Lack of awareness of sin is its cause. Children, since I am your


Immaculate Mother, Jesus has entrusted me with the task of transforming you continuously in His image. Yes, children, as He was breathing his last on the Cross, my Divine Son entrusted me the task of transforming you. That mission has to be continued by saving you from sin and Satan. For that, each of you has to be victorious along with this mother. You are the greatest joy of my holy heart. Each day I yearn to lead you along the path of perfect love. Children, the state of enmity, strikes, attacks and disasters, which you see as  temporary signs of the power of  evil  conquering the world, is  on the increase day by day. Do you not know that man is the cause of his own destruction? What value does human life have when this state of affairs is at its peak? Does not atmospheric pollution and human cruelty lead this world to the path of destruction? My children, even if all these things happen, the final victory will be that of my Son, Jesus, alone. In  preparation for this, children, do I today reveal myself all the more to this world through many apparitions  and extraordinary visions given in many places.

Children, let me remind you that it is your duty to give at least a drop of water from the ocean of mercy of Christ’s love to those children unable to love, and to those wearied children whose tongues are parched by hatred, violence and war. Children who are entrapped by the snares of the followers of Satan and those who fall into lives of sin and impurity are day to day on the increase. The mortal disease, Aids, the threat of bomb attacks, aborted human lives … Do you realize what all these indicate?  My children, I humbly request                                                                                                                                                                                          only for one thing – prepare adequately the hearts of the children of this world to receive the Holy Spirit. This is part of my plan. Pray that, by the mercy of the Father, the Holy Spirit may work abundantly in this world for the second Pentecost. Be enthusiastic to lead a life of love, virtue, sacrifice and fasting. Take care not to deceive yourselves. Peace will never be established in the world by the coming together or by the mutual understanding of those whom you describe as the angels of the earth. It is high time that the entire human race turned to God through repentance. And if you continue, failing to understand that that is the path to attain true peace, inexplicable disasters


will befall you, as all raise a hue and cry for peace and security. Today the world is on the edge of a dangerous well. This is a time of suffering for the church. As disbelief spreads and people follow the worldly spirit, many a time Satan succeeds in misleading even some of those who hold responsible positions within the church.

Children, through the messages that I give here and the signs of repentance, I desire that the world should rise to redemption.  For a brief span of time I was appointed by God the Father to be continuously active in order to reflect my Divine Son’s love in each of my children. But rumors, wicked thoughts and deeds and the media are at work through human beings against the love of Jesus. Even today many a child comes only for the fragrance; and the end of that, too, is not far. My children, strive forward to offer your lives to the Lord – lives rooted in the Word, the Holy Eucharist, the Rosary and praise and thanksgiving – and strive to be delivered from the state of sin. This Immaculate Mother will always be with you to shower on you the love of Jesus. Offer me your prayers and sufferings. Let the God of peace rule your hearts.


XXIII         24 December   1997 : Message given by Our Lady on the eve

                     Of Christmas.            

My beloved children, it is God the Father’s will that  you should be filled with the unique, luminous grace of love, hope and sanctity, and you have received this anniversary of the sacred birth. My children you must realize that the moments of suffering of the foster–father of the Divine Son and me, before giving birth to the saviour of the world, were to attain complete happiness and that happiness was for your redemption through sacrifice and pain. Do you realize that  the rejection meted out to my Son is  the reason for  the cave of Bethlehem, warmed by the breath of a bull and a donkey, to become the palace of the King of Kings, and a Manger to become the royal cradle? Today you cannot hear the heartbreaking cries of Jesus because of your pride, greed, materialism and frantic chase after the pleasures of the world. When my infant and I come near you pleading for room in your human heart, you drive us out mercilessly. You forget the fact that the duty to accept and bring up your brethren with joy to godliness resides in you. My children, suffer with this mother in self-confidence and patience. When you accept suffering as part of God’s plan, believe firmly that you will receive a new life, the golden radiance of hope. Prepare yourselves for His glorious second coming. Children, the sacrifices, the weariness of the journey, the severity of  winter, the moments of rejection and humiliation which I experienced with my husband, Joseph,  on the way to give birth to the infant Jesus, can befall you in different ways. However, if we got that cave prepared for the king of the world, the divine light of the world, and if  we  attained heavenly happiness in that stable, then, you too, will gain happiness in life even if the world hates you. My children, never, not  even once, yield yourselves to the world. Live in a spirit of sacrifice and intense prayer  with this mother. Give room in your hearts for my baby to be born. Listen to his first cry. Listen to the sound of his first mourn, and the sounds of his happiness, love and sacrifice. Prepare yourselves. Give his tender body the warmth of sanctity and not the heat of this world. I lay him down in the cradle of your hearts. Do not reject this babe. This acceptance becomes possible only on detesting the pleasures of the world. Children, let your daily life be well prepared. By the mercy of God the Father, the Infant Jesus and the mother of the Holy Eucharist, filled with grace, bless you.