XXXI   25 March I999  : Message given by Our Lady on the Feast of the


My beloved children, the peace of Jesus be with you. I, the poor virgin, chosen by God the Father for the incarnation of God as Man, I, your mother, who, in the mercy of our Father, was crowned as the queen of  the whole world, remind you not to let the final warnings given by me, go in vain. My children, the children of this world who echo the battle cries of sin, impurity, false pride and hatred are dragging my Holy Son again to Calvary!

God, through his incarnation as man, has crossed even the limits of experience and come to the  visible world to love and save Man. But human cruelty has increased even in the presence of the fullness of mercy. Before the spiritual condition of each child starts deteriorating, in order to rejuvenate you and take away the spirit of sloth from you, He pours out  the spirit of His mercy. But today, who is there ready to receive His grace, open  up the inner eyes, decorate  hearts for Him, and console Him with love? Today the majority of children desire to throw into despair those who grow in spirituality and they take pride in growing in satanic temptations.  Polluting purity with impurity and making deceit  and hypocrisy their own, men turn themselves into kings who become the  pillars of the world and everything to everybody. They do not hesitate to push my beloved Infant  and myself into the extreme depths of pain. But my children, Jesus comes near us even in this situation. To liberate you from the prison of worldliness, to protect you under his mantle, to embrace you in His love,  do only one thing – surrender to Him all you have without delay. He will accept them like myrrh, gold and frankincense. Observe the heavenly law – ‘love’. Make sacramental life, repentance, devotion to the rosary and self sacrifice a part of life. Surrender all to  the Immaculate Heart of this mother. I need your prayers and your lives of holiness to save you and to fulfill the redemptive plan of God, our Father. Won’t you be ready to save my beloved child from the stifling state He is in, by hating sin without fear and thus reducing the tears of  this mother ? My children, pay attention to the voice of your mother  before the onset of night. The path of salvation is


not as wide or as easy as you expect it to be. Come with this mother along the way of the cross accepting the gifts of sufferings  for purification. If you do not give up the path that leads to damnation, who can save you when you have to undergo the persecution of the enemy? Come  children, the heights of love, the sea of mercy invites you with kindness and  mercy announcing that the day is not far off.  Repent, do penance, pray and gain salvation. May the peace of the Lord be with you.


XXXII  15 August 1999 : Message given by Our Lady on the  Feast

              of the Assumption.

My beloved children, by implanting the sacred memory of the Assumption in your hearts, I bless you. At this point as darkness envelopes you, I, your mother, have come bearing the light of Jesus. You should not view only the radiance of my glorious body assumed into heaven. You should be aware of   the dew drops of divine love that are showered on the arid surfaces of this age . You should understand the path   that I have tread  for you and you should live as burning lamps for the perfect glory of the Holy Trinity. Glorify God the Father by imitating  the Son and by receiving the gifts of the  Holy Spirit.

My dear children, the time has come for  divine justice to be meted out in  accordance with  the sins of this generation. You do not know what the Almighty Lord has kept in store for you to redeem and sanctify the human race. Children, know that the one who desires your salvation is much more powerful than the one who desires your destruction. Pray for the conversion of the world and for the mercy of God.

You should  understand that war, drought, floods, severe winter, pestilence, labour strikes, restriction of movement of goods etc are heralds of famine and are a part of  divine intervention, too. Do not say that you are rich. The word ‘Famine’ is written on you. Famine can be of different kinds. My children, let not the Holy Spirit ever be away from you. Hate sin and turn away from it. I lament thinking of those who claim to be in



Grace but do not live a grace-filled life. I am pained, remembering those, who ignoring the spirit of forgiveness, preach spiritual matters in an unspiritual state and practise   self-

deception in their own lives. Above all I cry even now thinking about how  divine justice will be meted out on this world, which rushes forward neglecting God’s mercy!

My children, a satanic catastrophe  has befallen the world deceiving souls. My children I invoke you in a loud voice and in tears – fight and defeat Satan. In union with the sorrows of this mother, get ready  to accept the prayer of the Rosary , a sacramental  life and a life of forbearance. Shatter your hearts that are stiffened like skeletons by pride, adorned by the vanity of the world, enticed by layers of sin and hence unable to yield to divine plans. This mother will help you. You are duty-bound to illuminate and  purify the church. Consecrate your lives along with the blood of those who become martyrs today. The greatest disaster today takes place in human hearts. Do not keep thinking that this is the end of the world. The sufferings that  each of you experience will be in proportion to your sins. Since you desire to be involved in good deeds I shall help you. This mother rejoices when I see Jesus being glorified through you. My children, discern the souls and be strong to defeat the powers of darkness. Obey the divine messages I   informed you earlier. Lead a life in accordance with the Scriptures. The symbol of my divine presence has been felt by thousands in this home. That experience which many times you were reminded would be taken away, is being given again and again through the mercy of Jesus. Due to that alone my beloved children were misunderstood, insulted and had to suffer much. I am pleased as my children accepted these experiences joyously. But I repeat that this symbol which is rarely given, is  only for a short span. This mother desires to see you liberated from the bond of the disgusting smell of impurity and live emitting the fragrance of Jesus, the fragrance of purity.

My children, pray daily, consecrating your motherland to my Immaculate Heart. I desire that each of you  be consecrated to my Immaculate Heart. I will help you walk towards Jesus. In whatever way God Our Father has prepared me for my Holy Son



to come to you, using my virgin womb as the instrument, in the same way the Immaculate Heart of this mother is made an instrument for His second coming.

This is the time of the Immaculate Heart. My children get ready. God is merciful and just, too. In His justice he will punish those who disregard his mercy. Even as He speaks through me about punishment, what He desires is to save you from punishment. Repent, pray and do penance. The door of Scripture is open for you. Let us altogether humbly approach that door with yearning and be purified drinking from that stream of clear water. I bless you along with Jesus ,who was , who is, who is to come and who is the Lord of the universe, in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.


XXXIII       8  September 1999 : Message given by Our Lady on the   Feast of the

                     Nativity of the Virgin Mary.

Children, you who are immersed in the memories of the birthday of your mother, I bless you. Do you not know how a mother picks up her child, kisses it, bathes it patiently and cleanse it, even if its clothes and body are soiled while playing in the mud. In the same way I, your divine mother, rush to your side to bathe and cleanse your souls without hesitation. I appeal to you, children,  to be within this mother’s fold in freedom. This mother is ready to keep you close to the heart of Jesus. My children pray for that. Be prepared to accept and be elevated into grace  every capability that you have received as  gift. Because it is impossible to efface cruelty except through Grace. My children pray and be ready. The peace of Jesus be with you.


XXXIV   2  November 1999 :  Message given by Our Lady on the Anniversary of the

                 reception of the Miraculous Rosary.

N.B.         (On this day Rani John had the miraculous reception  of the Holy

                 Communion on her tongue from Jesus for the tenth time.)

My beloved children, on this good day I have come to you with the invocation to consecrate your souls to my immaculate heart, your secure refuge. Children,  do not


delay – you cannot prolong the duration of the days of being purified. You, who follow and worship idols, which you have enthroned in God’s place, have enslaved yourselves with the comforts of life. And the red serpent, my enemy, having now spread the mask of

indifference over the world, has tightly fastened you all with the chain of slavery. He, who has filled the minds of my poor children with the illusion that they can live without God, is singing the song of victory. My dear children, remember that he will be confined without delay. Proceed with this mother using the strong chain of the Rosary. The Rosary is my prayer. I have come from heaven to plead for this prayer. My children, the prayer of the Rosary is the symbol of my sure victory. God desires to complete my victory by imprisoning Satan along with all his powers in hell in his own  kingdom, which is filled with death, darkness and filth. So, my beloved children, everyone of you who stand at the threshold of the third millennium, pledge yourselves on this special day – that you will  work  with your heavenly mother to bind Satan, to be liberated from the world of hypocrisy and to live in divine freedom. My children, if Satan is confined by the chain of the Rosary, all his activities will lose their vigour and he would never again  attain freedom. So my children, forsake sin, be strong in prayer like a child and surrender yourselves to the plans of the  Father drawing divine power from confession and the holy Eucharist.

My children, I cannot make you understand the present state of this world. Your streets are stained with innocent blood. The Hearts of my Divine Son and mine become limp on seeing this. I cannot bear to see the church, the body of the Holy Child, dragged, divided, mutilated and paralyzed. Unity and  peace, are preached. But even those who practice it are ensnared by men. During these times, because so many terrible things are happening in  different parts of the world, am I working and making extraordinary appearances.

I have no time to wait for anyone’s recognition, authentication and  finalization of decisions. Children, just remember. No one can deceive God or convince Him with his arguments. Today, the world has changed into a sign for Man. Hereafter man should lead


a good life discretely and in the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Jesus desires to give  to the world a sign with human life. So  children, accept the way of repentance. Be prepared to listen to and accept the invocations of this mother who has come to save you from the devil’s mouth as  from a lion’s.

The kingdom of God is in your midst. It is enough that you enter into it. Its doors are  kept open for you. My children, in this final stage of purification and terrible persecutions, when heaven has become one with the earth, proceed as partakers of the divinely formed army of soldiers. This mother invites you all to be partakers of the joy that flows from the unity of all saints. This mother promises you the strength and courage to overcome temptations. Take refuge in Jesus, the creator of the whole universe, and grow. No one has closed what He has opened, and no one has opened what He has closed. So my children, proceed in faith  with this mother with a life deep-rooted in the Word , to crush the head of hellish serpent, to close the gates of hell forever and to gain  divine freedom for you .Raise your strong cries of pleading and penance before God our Father. Pray that the spring of mercy may flow over the world from the Son’s Sacred Heart. Yearn for the renewal of the whole world through the powerful work of the Holy Spirit for God’s Glory to be shone. This Mother, the Queen of the Rosary, wishes you heavenly peace.


XXXV   8  December 1999 : Message given by Our Lady on the   Feast of the  

               Immaculate Conception.

N.B.      (On this day Rani John had the stigmata experience.  Our Lady held the

               right hand of Rani John and  made her write this message)

My dear children, this day I spread my holy mantle over the entire  earth. But know that your mother – the epitome of beauty  – is much grieved since this generation on  earth is unable to  accept my mantle’s beauty, purity and protection. I, who have been free even from  the stain of original sin, have tried, through sacrifice and prayer to keep



my soul completely in the divine life. When  I opened up my mind for the fulfillment of God’s word, the spirit of divine knowledge filled me and overflowed,  moulding my heart

completely, and my body was enveloped by the innocent purity of the immaculate light. Even though you know all these, you still continue to be  children of ignorance. My children the time has come for   the crucified and resurrected Jesus  to be glorified more. It is high time that you, who are the unequalled beloved of my Divine Son,  showed Him as the only Saviour to all.  The scarcity of witnesses who live and act in Jesus is the reason for the present miseries.

Children, never think that your life in this world is eternal. You have to comprehend the reason for the misery of the world, especially of your land. The world which is full of human beings who have become the slaves of the sins of  impurity, stinks much more than the waste pit. The value and glory of human life is lost owing to the arrogant  march forward of the bloodthirsty. They do not know what they are doing. The Holy church is tottering due to oppressions of new controversies. The commemoration of the life of my Divine Son, His Sacred Body and His Precious Blood have all become topics of controversy. The children of the church are being divided and scattered. Satan roars hilariously seeing all these. Why don’t you understand these conditions in spite of the fact that all these situations were made clear to you repeatedly. The taste of the chalice  which you give to my Divine Son, whom you pledge to  love, is as bitter as poison. My son and I are crying partaking of this sorrow. You are not spoken to through parables and puzzles. Two hearts – the Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart – which are capable only of love, are talking to you. Listen to me at least now and obey. Without delay you are going to be renewed with fire. In the light of  divine justice and in the light and heat of that fire each person on earth will be able to discern internally the  condition of his own state . He will act thus because of your goodness so that His children may not be lost and that they attain heavenly joy. So my children, without being scared, accept the way of penance, be filled with good deeds and proceed forth with repentance. Think seriously about the fire kept in store by the Heavenly Father. My children, what I have


told you through the different apparitions is happening now. I remind you once again – The Holy Church is drying up. It  is about to fall like a rotten tree. Altars and churches are being robbed. Satan succeeds in making the priests and religious abandon their consecrated lives. The sins of impurity have increased. The rivers of blood flow faster than ever. The Holy Eucharist is being ridiculed. Those who preach and proclaim Jesus become the laughing stock. In tears this mother asks, – My children, what has happened to this generation? Why are my children fleeing as sheep without a shepherd to deserted and undeserving pastures? Why do you harm the Holy Spirit? No, my Children, never continue in this state of pride. Grow in humility. Take refuge in  the sacrament of reconciliation. The Holy Mass and the Rosary are the weapons of salvation left for you. Accept them.  Pray intensely. Know that the greatest sinner is eligible for the greatest mercy. My Divine Son rejoices in giving Himself immeasurably to human beings. He was born on earth as man and  suffered persecutions only to give you  imperishable and  eternal life. Never forget this, my children. Raise your prayers, lamentations and tears to heaven. Come my children, let us pray together.


           Our Father, have mercy on us, outstretch your arms and raise us from our lives devoid of harmony. God, our loving Saviour, protect us by your Precious Blood and save us from the terrible serpent that misleads us and is waiting to devour us. We thirst to view the glory of your ark of the covenant. Make us worthy and fill us with the spirit of God. Amen