III     01 January 1997 :  Message given by Our Lady on the Feast of the

          Mother God.

I am your merciful mother. My motherly mission is to give you Jesus, the symbol of our Heavenly Father’s invaluable love towards humanity. I have come to help you in overpowering the moments of difficulties and tests. My children, pray that the divine light may be received in its fullness by priests and religious since they become victims of the machinations of the devil. Meditate deeply on the divine mysteries of His Majesty and raise yourself and others to a life filled with the glory of the Resurrected Christ.

My children, I am the beginning of a new era. Disunity in the church is gone too far. The schisms that drag the children of the church along wrong paths, the unhealthy competition and quarrels with the Pope and the Hierarchy are wicked satanic schemes that threaten the spiritual unity of the church. Pray that the attempts of Satan to draw the religious down the paths of sin and evil are defeated. My children, Satan’s plan is to draw numerous individuals away from their love for me – a love which has created in them the desire to lead a life of goodness and holiness filled with the love of God. This is the beginning of a new era – an era of brotherhood and peace and ahead are days of preparation. Pray and prepare yourselves because sinfulness has reached its peak. So,


children, my message is all the more relevant these days. Let each of you be consecrated to my Immaculate Heart. Do not let your courage fail but proceed with a dedicated heart. I am there with you showering my motherly love! Pray incessantly. Let the devotion to the Rosary be spread throughout the world!


XXIV           1 January          1998 : Message given by Our Lady on the  Feast of the

             Mother of God.

Pray, my children, that the Lord’s wrath in its intensity does not fall on the ungrateful people. All children must pray from the bottom of their hearts as many are likely to be ruined by attacks, destruction, chaos and anarchic governments. India is getting into the horrible clutches of Satan. All children must be prepared to receive the Holy Spirit.

XLIII  9 January 2001: Message given by Our Lady on the feast of St. Adrian   

             while  praying surrendering the signs.

Child, this is the time to separate the grain from the chaff. Those who remain faithful are few and those who are saved through it will make their lives an experience. Those who are saved through the signs given during this ministry are many. Those who reject the signs and label them as futile are also not rare. It is high time for mankind, the handiwork of God,  to accept Jesus Christ as the sign. When you feel the fragrance, know that it is owing to God’s mercy. To lead a virtuous life, you have to put up a fierce fight and be victorious. Then the face of the earth  will be filled with fragrance. Let there be an intense desire in you to seek the Grace of God. Through prayer and sacrifice withstand and defeat Satan who has approached the Almighty with complaints. Gather the divine strength to overcome temptations. Let your hearts be filled with the peace of Jesus.                        

XLIX          1 January 2002 : Message given by Our Blessed Mother on the Feast of the

           Mother of God.

          My little children, who are experiencing the third millennium, I  request you once again, on the dawn of this New Year, to cooperate with this mother to offer the responsible execution of the duties of divine motherhood in the most perfect way. Greater attention needs to be given to ensure eternal salvation by glorifying abundantly the most Holy Trinity within the limit of the time assigned to you. I have repeatedly asked you to be vigilant. But the majority of the human race has distanced themselves from Jesus and

this mother. They have established their own atheistic and materialistic culture, presenting their new values, satiating their worldly desires and recognizing moral anarchy. Their enthusiasm to indulge in worldly contentment through pride, lack of faith,

greed, sexual frenzy, deceit, vengeance, murder, robbery and theft instigated by hard heartedness instead of faith, love and hope pains  my Son and me a lot.

Dear children, the messages which I give through this child are about to come to an end. It was with great expectation that my Divine Son entrusted me the task of addressing the world through this child, who was chosen from this small village of Kerala. I am not speaking for Kerala alone but for the whole world. I am not waiting for the speculations, decisions and recognitions which are limited by human intelligence. Children, repent! Days of blood shed for the Holy Church and days of purification for the world are at hand. My Divine Son saved mankind with immense love. But today, men forget the Saviour. And their innate loving nature goes after sexual and physical satiation. I am pained to see even those in responsible positions  prepared to make the vices, which come in the guise of virtues, victorious. The blind control and lead the others. The church authorities, who allow themselves to be deceived, and the hapless condition of the lay people, pain my heart. When God desires to show through the church the way of salvation to all, the very same people, who are in the church go astray. The new strategies, introduced by Satan in the name of co-existence, are to torture the Church covertly through those who influence the powers of darkness. I am pained to think of my beloved children, who, outwardly respect the church and fearing the world and without discerning the truth, attack the church. I am also pained by those, who do not hear and let others hear the cries of Mother, the Church, and by those who partake in a new method to destroy her without shedding blood and by those who crush the ones who resist. This is the era when the prophecy about Babylon, once a Great City, is going to be fulfilled- So, Children, repent. The church, which was split many times over the long journey across centuries owing to many controversies,  has again come to internal unity. However, today Satan is victorious in

eclipsing the radiance of the  Holy Unity of the church by his black smoke. Truth is being betrayed. My Son’s Gospel is divided and it leads to internal dissensions. Those who defend the truth are belittled. These dissensions pave the way for priests to turn against priests and Bishops against Bishops. Satan unprecedentedly succeeds in destroying the bond of their mutual love. The opposition to holy celibacy, which is the core of dedicated priestly life, and which is desired by Jesus and lived and confirmed by Him, and which has been established by the church, thrusts my Divine Son into deep agony. Children, you who feel bored and experience an aversion to  prayer life owing to your over-indulgent activities, turn to Jesus. Your lack of discipline and indulgence in worldly pleasures will surely lead you to terrible destruction. Falsehood is  propagated in a dangerous manner under the guise that truth is not completely rejected. Modern studies and activities which reject the truth, which is beyond human intelligence, will lead the human race into confusion. Children, discern! Recognize the signs of the time. Before the second coming of my Son, the world will witness great hardships and purification which will renew the world. Remember the warnings you have received. These days of purification will be the time of suffering not only for the Holy Church but also for you. The evil spirits, who serve Satan, and the enemies of Christ will declare in public their antagonism to God in an unprecedented way. They will show many signs and miracles. And children, if you speak the truth, you will be considered guilty. Laws that go against truth will be framed and put into effect by the legislatures of nations. Thus the persecution of Christians will begin. Reports of war, which turn many into scapegoats, will increase. Internal conflicts will be on the rise. Bloody  wars will defeat all efforts at establishing peace. Severe famine will devour  the world. The Earth, which bears the burden of sin, will react with tremors, nature with storms and the sun, moon and stars with meaningful signs. A part of the earth will burn to ashes as it rubs against a huge globe of fire. A great event which will shake up the whole world is about to happen. Those who obey God’s commandments, those who recognize the kingdom of Christ and the repentant who pray will survive these disasters and will be saved. Children, do not be afraid because I am here to help you. When the power of Satan creates terror and disharmony, God of peace will help you to destroy him. Children, awake, be keen in the observance of prayer, penance and expiation.

Do not be grieved at the signs I have given you of the terrible tortures which will take place and which you will have to suffer before my Immaculate Heart will have achieved success and a new era has commenced. I will accept you all in my pierced heart, and entrust you to my Son. In the days to come, carefully observe whatever new revelations and exhortations you will be receiving through the Holy Church and the Pope – the loving vessel of my Immaculate Heart. May the authentic teaching which Jesus Christ, who is the Way, the Truth, the Life and the Light of the world, demanded of the human race through the sacrifice at Calvary and which is about receiving the Sacred Body and Blood which was sacrificed for man, enlighten you. O world, that hides the light that ought to illumine ! Remember that when the Mysteries of Light – the aspiration of the Immaculate Heart – are unveiled, you will not be able to conceal the light. The fullness of salvation is possible only through Jesus. That salvation will flow into the world and into the human hearts through the Holy Mass. So children, make the mystery of the Living Word your own through the prayer of the Rosary. Along with the recital of the Rosary, partake of the Eucharistic sacrifice as reparation for sins. Even if  you take    the full value of all the good deeds of this world, it cannot surpass that of one Holy Mass. Through that great Sacrament by which the whole of heaven descends on earth – through that great Sacrifice of reparation you and the whole world will be sanctified. Horrible disasters will abate and the severity of purification will be reduced. So, come, forgive, love, repent and confess, and thus we shall be united in the sacrifice of Calvary. I, the mother of the Holy Eucharist, shall help you. Let the Crucified and Resurrected One, be always in you and with you. Amen.