IV     02 February 1997 : Message given by Our Lady on the feast of the

           Presentation of the Lord.

My children, this is the day when the loving mystery of Divine Motherhood has been established – the day child Jesus, the Son of God has been presented to God, the precious moment when, the divine mystery was revealed in the presence of my husband Joseph and me. Simeon, filled with the Holy Spirit, prophesied about the infant and he also stated that my heart would be pierced by a sword. His words were fulfilled in the fullness of time. But my children, the swords gifted by the present world, the insults hurled by the sons of the church become unbearable wounds in my heart. But still, as my Son has honoured me as the mother of the world, I have come to save the world despite the suffering. My heart is repeatedly being wounded when I see my sons and daughters living not in adherence to the Divine Will. This is caused by an inner void. The church is moving towards darkness. My children pray specially for the religious. I dedicate each of my children to the glory of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit as I had done with my child Jesus in accordance with the Law of   Moses. Permit me to guide and control your spiritual life as if you were a little   child. That alone  will be sufficient, my children. I shall lead you to salvation through my Immaculate Heart.


V       11 February 1997 : Message given by Our Lady on the  Feast of

           Our Lady of Lourdes.

My children the world today is a limitless heap of sin. Wherever you look, you see luxury and sins against chastity on the increase. My enemy is more alert now   than ever before to defile the purity of mind and infuse pride in the heart. Even though the gospel is being preached, the seeds that bear fruit are rare. In order to show the paths of prayer, reparation and repentance that man must follow, I manifest myself in many befitting places and through suitable individuals and deliver messages. However, many children hesitate to wash and purify themselves in the spring shown by me – the living spring  that flows from the pierced Heart of my Son , unceasingly and never drying up. My children, bring those who are leading a sinful life to this spring of life.  Live in submission and love. Children, the Rosary is my favourite prayer. When you recite the rosary, invite me so that I too may join you in prayer. I’ll let the beads of the Rosary move through my fingers – then you will become children praying along with your Heavenly Mother. And then you will be empowered to combat the fearful battle against Satan and his evil army. It is the strongest weapon against this battle. When the Rosary is recited, the heavenly beings, along with the Holy Trinity, rejoice. You are protected all around and forts are created for you.