VI     24 March 1997 : Message given by Our Lady on the eve of the Feast of the


My children, though 1997 has been declared ‘The Year of Mercy’, Mercy is not meant just for a year. You must pray that God prolongs the period of mercy, because the world contains more sinners than would repent within this given period. Pray specially for the consecrated souls because Lucifer has challenged my Divine Son. He says that if he is able to ensnare the souls of the consecrated first, then it is very easy to ensnare the souls of laymen. So children, pray, pray intensely. Pray the rosary on your knees. In a complete Rosary there are 153 Hail Marys. When you say the Rosary and pray for the repentance of sinners, heaven rejoices and I intercede for you. Pray that all human beings break free from the desires of the flesh and worldliness and come to Godliness. You will witness  great earthquakes and severe disasters. Put on the weapons of prayer and the Word of God. Satan has come into your midst in great wrath. Pray for mercy so that you may be saved from his grip and from the wrath of God. It is man who brings evil on



himself. You cannot confront it either with unsheathed swords or with cavalry. Do not be anxious or frightened hearing this; instead, pray for mercy.


VII    30 March 1997 : Message given by Our Lady on Easter Day.

My children this incident has been commemorated for centuries as a reminder for mankind. But how many are there in the present world who walk in the path of purity and

in the light of the Resurrection? Poor children who give importance only to worldliness and pleasures! My children, walk along with me in the path of prayer. Only through prayer can we enter the new era awaiting the world. My daughter, I yearn to fill the children, who come to me, with comfort and the grace of God. In the vast arid earth, the Word of Jesus is the dewdrop that soothes the life of those human beings who burn with the remorse of sin. There are many children in the church who, owing to their monotony and idleness, are like plants withered and dried up. My daughter, why don’t they remember that today is the day of the great Resurrection which will bring cool showers to their parched hearts?  Place those children in my Immaculate Heart and pray that they experience the warmth of new life in Jesus.


XXV  1 March   1998 : Message given by Our Lady on the feast of St. Albinus.    

Children, churches will be destroyed, Holy Mass will cease to be offered. The authorities [priests] will be exiled. Prayer is more in need than lamentation. My heart breaks when I see those who have been called to holiness, living in impurity, going after personal glory and thereby losing their state of grace. Spiritual emptiness is the reason for this state. I am pained thinking of them.


XXVI  24 March 1998  : Message given by Jesus on the eve of the feast

             of the Annunciation.

Children, this is the time to prepare and to be prepared. You who were born from nothing, when you return with nothing, do not go leaving nothing for this world. Let your good deeds be examples for your successors. Had you been deaf or dumb, I would not have had to ask you much about   settling your accounts! But having been created as perfect individuals why do you walk away from me? You must imitate the   life my mother lived from the moment she received the Word of God. Receive the Word and live in a manner that yields fruit. Breaking the walls of worldliness, sanctify yourselves for the Lord and save souls. Your life is the repetition of my life. Pray, repent and do penance.

XXXI   25 March I999  : Message given by Our Lady on the Feast of the


My beloved children, the peace of Jesus be with you. I, the poor virgin, chosen by God the Father for the incarnation of God as Man, I, your mother, who, in the mercy of our Father, was crowned as the queen of  the whole world, remind you not to let the final warnings given by me, go in vain. My children, the children of this world who echo the battle cries of sin, impurity, false pride and hatred are dragging my Holy Son again to Calvary!

God, through his incarnation as man, has crossed even the limits of experience and come to the  visible world to love and save Man. But human cruelty has increased even in the presence of the fullness of mercy. Before the spiritual condition of each child starts deteriorating, in order to rejuvenate you and take away the spirit of sloth from you, He pours out  the spirit of His mercy. But today, who is there ready to receive His grace, open  up the inner eyes, decorate  hearts for Him, and console Him with love? Today the majority of children desire to throw into despair those who grow in spirituality and they take pride in growing in satanic temptations.  Polluting purity with impurity and making deceit  and hypocrisy their own, men turn themselves into kings who become the  pillars of the world and everything to everybody. They do not hesitate to push my beloved Infant  and myself into the extreme depths of pain. But my children, Jesus comes near us even in this situation. To liberate you from the prison of worldliness, to protect you under his mantle, to embrace you in His love,  do only one thing – surrender to Him all you have without delay. He will accept them like myrrh, gold and frankincense. Observe the heavenly law – ‘love’. Make sacramental life, repentance, devotion to the rosary and self sacrifice a part of life. Surrender all to  the Immaculate Heart of this mother. I need your prayers and your lives of holiness to save you and to fulfill the redemptive plan of God, our Father. Won’t you be ready to save my beloved child from the stifling state He is in, by hating sin without fear and thus reducing the tears of  this mother ? My children, pay attention to the voice of your mother  before the onset of night. The path of salvation is


not as wide or as easy as you expect it to be. Come with this mother along the way of the cross accepting the gifts of sufferings  for purification. If you do not give up the path that leads to damnation, who can save you when you have to undergo the persecution of the enemy? Come  children, the heights of love, the sea of mercy invites you with kindness and  mercy announcing that the day is not far off.  Repent, do penance, pray and gain salvation. May the peace of the Lord be with you.

XXXVI       23 March 2000 : Message given by Our Lady on the feast of                    

                     St. Desiderius.

My children, I am the mother of the Word of God incarnated. Do you not  know how happy that Father was when I gave my consent and dedicated myself to His plan of action. My childhood was a prolonged and silent period of preparation living in perfect


virginity and ignorance of the worldly spirit. That was the reason why your humble mother was chosen by God our Father when the time came for the fulfillment of His will. Yes,  children, the Lord of life was enthroned in my womb from the Sacred Heart of our

Father to attain human nature. Though you know all these truths, you live like those who are  ignorant and hence this mother  repeats everything. Children, when you are rejected by the world, humiliated and persecuted, just recall this mother who said “Here is the Lords’ handmaid” before the Holy Will of God. Remember the one who was crucified on the cross erected at Calvary, and condemned as  a  sinner by the world. Children, my Divine Son tells me today – “ Mother, I was sent to transform hearts towards  truth and eternal redemption. According to the desire of the One who sent me, I have changed many hearts . Many tortured me, pained me. In order to win these hearts I suffered much ridicule and  agonies. Their impact was reduced with my blood. I gave them my life. I gave them to my mother. I fulfilled the Holy Will of my Father. But my mother, your tears do not cease. Getting your  children out of the mire, you hold them close to your Immaculate Heart. Pierced by the arrows of sin, your heart is torn. Your face is disfigured by the tears of blood. It has become unbearable to see you in this condition. Mother, are the children of the world assessing the mercy and kindness of my Father?”

My beloved children, to answer   these questions , I must get your help. You have to help this mother. Allow this mother to mould your life. Accept unceasing prayer, keen desire in doing acts of penance, a mature and pure sacramental life and a life guided by the Word. Do away with  pride. Grow in humility. You will be delivered from your miseries. I say this seriously – this generation is slow in comprehending signs and not firm in their belief. You are seized by disbelief and it becomes the cause of your ruin. Children, from now on you do not have to seek for signs. Never expect assurance and encouragement from anyone. You, whose hearts are entrenched in worldly wealth, know that this is the time of discernment. Lead the way to heaven through mutual help. Children, you  who cast your mind into  dark dungeons due to pride and your hearts which are unwilling to be humbled into the depths


of hardness, you strengthen the hands of Satan. Understand that you, too, have to come to  judgment. There  truth will certainly come out victorious.

My children, pray for the Holy Church, the Pope, all the priests and religious. This mother cannot bear it  when she sees many of the things that have been kept aside for the worship of God changed into instruments for the  worship of the world. My children, along with your meditation of the indefinable mystery commemorated by the Holy Church this day, be  prepared to do what this mother asks of you. Consecrate each one of you and the whole world to the Immaculate Heart of this mother. The Living Word  – the second person of the Most Holy Trinity – was being entrusted to me in human nature when he was conceived as man in my virgin womb. Through that plan, the Son expects everything from his mother. Entrusting each human child to me, my Divine Son says : “ Mother, you must provide  blood, flesh, breath, food, love – all these, for  my child .” I am always ready for that my children. So allow this mother to bring you up according to God’s plan and to prepare you for the realization of whichever great purpose, He wants to use you for. Do not hesitate to consecrate yourself to the Immaculate Heart of this mother, my children. Since the fullness of the love of Jesus is in this Heart, your journey to Jesus will be easier through this consecration. Know that this is the time of fulfillment of the Holy Scriptures. Fight against sin and evil. Be ardent in praying  the Rosary. Make the period of the life of penance fruitful. The victory of the merciful love of Jesus will save you. This mother prays with you for that intention.


XXXVII   The prayer obtained on 25th March 2000 on the  Feast of  the

                 Annunciation  when the sin of Abortion was offered up in  prayer.


Oh! My Infant Jesus,  your most blessed mother who, during the very days when you were conceived in her womb, hurried to   her aunt knowing that the barren and aged aunt was in the sixth month of pregnancy. In the presence of the baby Jesus, who was only a few days old in the womb of the mother, John the


Baptist who was only six months old in Elizabeth’s womb   jumped with joy. Let this world know what Elizabeth proclaimed out of   divine inspiration that the embryo in Mary’s womb, which was a   few days old was Jesus and that Mary was the Mother of God  !

          O my Jesus, do many   mothers run to Herod driven by selfish motives, not knowing that they are really   mothers from the very moment of conceiving their children   ? Will you not enlighten those mothers so that they might know the pain of God, Our Father, as He gazes at their images drawn in his palm even before they were conceived in the wombs? Oh my Jesus   ! Who will hear the heart beat of that baby, who should jump for joy with love of Jesus, when the doctor tolls his death bell in the mother’s womb? When that mother writhes and closes her eyes with unbearable bitter pain which fills and overflows her womb and veins, oh my Jesus, who weeps seeing the baby’s frantic effort, open the mother’s eyes to see that. If only that mother, tainted with the blood at some point of time understood the mercy which flowed through the Precious Blood of Jesus as he was writhing on the cross to save her! My Jesus,  who comes to seek the lost lamb, to shoulder the crying baby whose heart beats even when it lies wounded and numb, give all the mothers who support this sin, enough repentance to see the vision of you carrying  the child. Transform the hospitals that silently witness this sin, into houses that provide   love and life.

          Grant the doctors, who turn out to be butchers at the slaughter house and who are unaware   of the unique moment when life came into existence with the power of the Word “Let there be”, the consciousness of their sins through the very power of God’s Word. O my Jesus, in this era, when men   give importance only to pleasures of the flesh and   promote this sin without understanding the value of womanhood, fill them with the model of your foster father. Let the world know that those who underwent abortion will be healed because the souls of their children



who, unable to cry or protest and  who became preys to their cruelties and lost their right to live on this earth, are praying for them now.

          My dearest Mother, as they are consecrated to your Immaculate Heart, we humbly beseech you to prepare them to be spiritual healers who bear the wounded babies in their spiritual wombs. Thus let the whole world be redeemed from the curse of this sin. All the Angels and Saints,   pray for us. Amen.


XLIV          25 March 2001 : Message given by Our Lady on the    Feast of the


I am the Mother of the Word Incarnate. My children, you, who are filled with the memories of the day on which the Heavenly Father chose this humble mother to conceive the Word that would assume human nature, you know that I am ever willing to help you in your life to fulfill the Holy will of God. Be children who assent to God’s Will, not only with your lips but also with your hearts, like this mother. Follow Jesus leaving behind all the impurities which corrupt your soul. Discern the footprints which are not mine. I am sad to see you live without discerning the footprints which lead you to death. With great expectation He created this earth into a beautiful garden and appointed guards. But today, the guards  turn pleasure seekers. The flowers wither. On looking around, my Divine Son’s Heart  fills with sadness. Know how much our hearts ache when we see a desert in ruin with wild animals wandering.  Pray for those rare few in grace so that they do not stumble and fall and for the entire human race in order to experience salvation by repenting and doing good instead of evil. Do not say that your life is more unblemished than anyone else’s. It is Jesus who should decide. Leave your desires to me. I shall raise you towards Christ; I shall deliver you from the snares of sin and from all that my soul detests and shall lead you to Jesus, the Word. Children, neither disbelieve the experiences that God gives nor fear those who mock you on His account. Live bravely as  witnesses of Jesus Christ. Do not lose courage when you are put to tests. The responsibilities which you, especially, have to shoulder, have to be carried out in a brief period of time. Do not leave room in the mind for recognition or praise. Embrace the path of suffering because I

tell you, if anyone silences you, the stones will scream. If, for fear of the world, anyone does not bear witness to the Holy Spirit of truth, the stones will cry out on account of my sorrow. Children, even though you have committed great sins in your life, you will certainly attain salvation if you repent and seek the  love of God. God’s compassion for you is limitless. Children, be on your guard against exchanging the cross which is given to you to witness, for filthy knowledge. Know the traitors. In the dealings of those who wear robes of hypocrisy, practice discernment. Pray for the repentance of everyone.

Children, the time for the glorification of Jesus, the truth, through this Immaculate Heart is close at hand. So be prepared. He, with His fire, will burn to ashes the annihilating vulgarity that has taken root among you who are His abode. This is a time of terrible test. Falsehood tortures truth. My enemy attacks and conquers many of my forts. You who  reject the Holy Spirit and go about pretending  to be devotees, repent! An unprecedented period of tremendous disaster will come. The very foundation of the earth is reverberating. Repent, my children. Just look at my Divine Son, barefooted, with a body soaked in blood, his lips parched, being deprived of your spiritual love and yet with a heart burning with love for you; you will be saved. Children, pray for the Holy  Church. Pray intensely for the priests and the religious. Children, I pray that you may be able to realize and accept the mystery of Divine Love which becomes perfect in mankind as in the Incarnation. Children, hasten to the refuge of this Immaculate Heart. In full alert, together shall we move prayerfully along the path of the cross. I wish you peace in Jesus Christ.

L  25 March 2002 : Message given by Our Blessed Mother on the  Feast of the 


My little children, as my Divine Son has designated me as the prophetess of the final hour, in order to prepare you for His second coming, let me remind you that it is with your cooperation that I will complete that mission. With love must you accept the teachings of love. I repeat once again the same thing which I had told you before. This is

the hour of Divine Justice. The chalice of Divine Justice and Mercy is overflowing. Children, repent, and come to discernment. Thirst for divine knowledge. Your precious life is not one that should end in the momentary pleasures that the world gives. It is the price that Jesus has paid with his blood and it is a call  to eternal life. Just recall the moments in my life – from God’s messenger Gabriel’s announcement that the Saviour of the entire human race is to be born of me, to the moment of spiritual motherhood which I gained at the foot of the Cross as a result of my participation in the act of redemption. I am speaking  to you taking  into my heart even today the wailing of my Divine Son who entrusted me to cradle you in my pierced Immaculate Heart. Children, love the Holy Trinity indefatigably. Try to understand the agony of my Son who dwells alone in the churches. I am sad thinking of those children who disregard the miracles which reveal the presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist, and those who abandon and harm Jesus without perceiving and discerning the true divine presence. The true Word of God is abused, afflicted and wounded through rational interpretations. I see the world going along the path of sin and evil, propagating filthy deeds, selfishness, hatred and impurity. All these are  peculiar to this world. Children, at this time I want to tell you some things of great importance. The world is getting ready to entrust its rule to the antichrist. The antichrist will come, when the world denies Christ and his teachings, great apostasy happens and the power of the Holy Church is denied. When the world is steeped in impurity through widespread controversies in the church, apostasy, lack of devotion,  blasphemy and when arts, literature, politics, religious life, human thoughts, education, compulsory idol worship reach their peak, the wicked antichrist will come disguised as the messiah. He is the embodiment of evil. At the end of the era,  he will be leading the satanic army in the battle between Jesus and the devils. His aim is to destroy. The wicked will trample those who worship the true God. The darkness of Satan will spread over the world. The number of the sons of destruction will increase and that of the sons of justice will decrease. I tell you again, children, come to discernment, come to Jesus. If Jesus Christ was born of the most glorious and purest state of womanhood, the antichrist will take his origin from the worst state of womanhood and will work great miracles. This is the time when you should be the most conscious about his deeds about which the Holy Spirit has spoken to you through the Holy Word.

Meditate on these verses – Mathew 24:4,5-14,15, 2 Timothy 2: 3, 2 Thessalonians  2:4-9, Daniel 12:9,12, 2 Peter 2:1-3 and be prepared with spiritual strength. When immorality increases, love will be frozen in many. The antichrist will try to abolish the Holy Mass which is offered continuously and will send priests into exile by which, for a short period, he will succeed in his reign. Knowing that he has a short time left he will subjugate man in frenzy.

My children, do not fear. Let the word ‘He who is inside you is mightier than the one who is outside’, give you courage. You and your children live in Christ and for Christ, guided by the Holy Spirit. Pray incessantly for the Holy Church, the Pope, my

poor priest sons and the religious. The religious are with me in the forefront of the army to fight against Satan. Pray to win the battle fighting, wearing the armour of purity, helmet of faith and the sword of Hope. Pray incessantly. The Holy Mass is the most excellent prayer and sacrifice. Partake of the Eucharistic sacrifice as reparation. Be fervent in  praying the Rosary. Accept the pains and sufferings from God with love. Suffering is the nectar of divine grace. Children, through sorrows, misunderstandings and alienations you will get many opportunities to be acquainted with and to walk the way of the Cross. Without wasting them, offer them as they make you worthy of gaining the gift

of eternal life. Spiritual martyrdom is very precious before God. At such a time when financial difficulties and despair are on the increase, place your trust in Jesus Christ who is able to provide you the light of hope.

When I, your Immaculate Mother, stamp on the head of the hellish serpent, the doors of hell will be shut. Children, stay awake and pray with the angels. Pray for the arrival of the second Pentecost. Lead a pure and prayerful life with love and confidence. Join with me in prayer and sacrifice to annihilate the black mass from this world. Pray for real peace which the human race ought to receive through internal purification and anointing with the Blood. You will certainly receive a new heaven and a new earth where there will be good days of joy and peace. I wish the message of the picture of the heavenly mysteries, which was revealed through my beloved child, be spread over the world. Do not be subject to condemnation by shutting the doors of your hearts against the painful voice of your mother. Advance in love, seeing Christ in the poor and the downtrodden. I am always with you to help. Amen.