5. MAY

XXVIII       31  May 1998 : Message given by Our Lady on the feast of

                     the Visitation of Our Blessed Mother.

            N.B.  Our Lady held the right hand of Rani John and made her write this


My little children, I am the bride of the Holy Spirit. This mother continuously strives to gain abundant graces for you from God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit of love. The church should be renewed by the Holy fire. The whole world should come into the fullness of truth, the Holy Gospel of Jesus and into the only Church  which He desired and established. This is made possible through the Holy Spirit. The whole world must be renewed. The church should prepare herself ardently for the second Pentecost. All her children should prepare themselves. For that, my children,  pray along with me, who am  the beloved bride of the Holy Spirit and your mother. You must strive to receive the Holy Spirit through the powerful intercession of my Immaculate Heart and let the image of my beloved Son glow fully in you. Children, the time is at hand. It is essential that each one sees himself in the burning fire of heavenly truth and gets ready for the glorious days of purity, love, justice, blessings and peace through transformation. This is the time I yearn to reach the love and mercy of the Lord to the whole world. This crucial age of cleansing and misery is the age of the Holy Spirit. So, in my maternal love, this mother demands of you – be submissive to Jesus, who is the Creator, Saviour and Redeemer of humanity, following the path of sinlessness. My children lead an ideal Christian life. Be keen in prayer, penance and acts of reparation. Lead a life firm in faith.



Love the church and be keen in the observance of the sacraments and prayer. Even if one’s sins are countless as the grains of sand, if he comprehends the value of the Sacrament of Confession and receives it without despairing, how  grace-filling will such an experience  be ! Satan hates confession and fears it. Because, as he begins to get a soul into his hands, the Holy Spirit, as though snatching it, takes it to the depths of repentance  through confession. So, children, make confession and receive Holy Communion very often. Today, the sacrileges committed against the Holy Eucharist are so many! The love and respect towards the Holy Mass has been on the decrease. The cruelties shown towards the priests and religious who are chosen from among thousands and thousands have been on the increase. The children, who tread the wrong paths and do not preserve the sanctity of their call, pierce my  heart and the heart  of my infant, Jesus. Children, grow in the devotion to the Rosary. Do not fall into the diabolic strategies of Satan. Offer your prayers and sacrifices for the redemption of souls. May you awake to my voice, the loving bride of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit can never reject His bride’s voice calling on Him. So my little children, join this mother in pleading for the gifts of the Holy Spirit  and come together as the apostles did and prayed. This is the time when the Holy Spirit is showered abundantly. Fill your hearts with hope. The holy church is passing through the difficult times of Calvary. She has been betrayed and insulted; the sheep divided and the shepherds beaten up. Owing to the loss of faith, the number of those who have given  up religion are on the increase.  The Holy Spirit will surely come down to cleanse you from all these.  Children, pray, pray for the Pope. Each  of you be prepared because the second Pentecost is at hand. My Immaculate Heart is a safe haven for you. Neither the temptations of Satan nor the threats of worldly children can conquer you. Proceed courageously in holiness along the path of suffering. This mother will be there for your help. Prepare for the day when this earth has to be transformed into a new and wonderful paradise, giving life, warmth and hope to the benumbed consciences of the human race. Here is your helper. From Him you will receive soothing cold in the blazing fire, coolness in the scorching heat, light in darkness,


consolation in mourning, courage in fear, strength in weakness and solace in tribulations. May Almighty God transform you into new beings through your repentance and fill you

with spiritual grace. Wishing that each of you and the whole world be filled with the Spirit through the intercession of the Immaculate Heart of this mother, the bride of the Holy Spirit, I grant you peace in Christ .

VIII   1 May 1997 : The Message Given by Jesus  when the image of Jesus enthroned

            in the house of Rani John shed tears of Blood on the feast of St. Joseph, the



         My children, my love for you is unlimited and unconditional, but many of my children, like you, are deeply immersed in the mire of dirt, bloodstained with sin. You have to pray for their sake along with fasting and penance. The blood you have seen flowing from my mouth and eyes today is the symbol that my Sacred Heart beats for them dearly.  [Joel 2:12-13]