IX     06 June 1997 : Message given by Jesus on the Feast of the

          Sacred Heart of Jesus.

          (John 11: 5-10]

Showing the Sacred Heart of Jesus: “My children this aching Heart has many hidden mysteries. My daughter, when I take upon myself the pains of the sorrowful mysteries of this world, my Heart is pierced. My children pray with hearts on fire. The instances where the Holy Eucharist is insulted are on the increase. My children, understand the pain of my Heart! Can I expect a life full of gratitude from the children of this world? My daughter, look at my Heart. Immerse the sinners of the world in the merciful waters flowing from this Heart. Receive graces from this sea of light. Disregard completely false prophesies. Pray incessantly and yearningly for the gift of the Holy Spirit, so that no one may mislead another. False prophets, and those who have the gift of tongues,  have come to mislead you. Do not believe them. I will never desert you if you take shelter in my Sacred Heart. Be certain of this my children. Sins multiply hundredfold. Continuous and unceasing prayer is hard to be found in the world. My children fear not if the world hates you. My mother asks me to gift you with today’s life and I will give it to you. Take care that darkness does not overpower you. Here is My Heart  open for you. Pray for those sinful children who question the purity of my Immaculate Mother. Womanhood is turned into a slaughter house. My children, pray for them. My mother – who is your mother too – is much wounded. Don’t you hear her cry?”




X       30 June 1997 : Message given by Our Lady on the feast of the first

           Martyrs of Rome.

Standing near the Sacred Heart of Jesus from which flows bright radiant rays, Mother says, I am the Mother of the most Holy Eucharist. My children, why do you hesitate to take shelter in my Holy Son Jesus, who showers hope even in hearts filled with despair ? Receive graces from this sea of light and make pure your sinful conscience. My Son and I yearn to see you sanctified before God our Father! Give up enmity and strengthen yourselves in patience. Do you see or remember the unbearable sight of the Holy Heart pierced for the love of humanity. My children, do not sin! Love everyone with a pure heart!

XXXVIII    10 June 2000 : Message given by Our Lady on   the Feast of   Pentecost.

N.B.              Our Blessed Mother held the right hand of Rani  John and made her

                      write this message.

My little children, on this fine day I come to you with the appeal that each of you should have an unquenchable thirst for the Holy Spirit. “Come Holy Spirit, come with the powerful intervention of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary, your most beloved handmaid.” Be filled with the Holy Spirit by reciting this prayer repeatedly. I bring you together in this Immaculate Heart, which is a shrine of prayer. It is the holy will of my Divine Son that you be sheltered in this Heart. This Heart is your refuge of salvation. My children, the chalice of divine justice is full. You are going to face the  goriest hours. The earth is covered by immorality. When the rejection of religion,  the spread of sin, the victory of the reign of forces of darkness and so on  are made possible through men, you should understand that it is  Satan’s battle cry against the glorious victory of Mercy. So, my children, come back with discernment. The period of my strong warnings is drawing to a close. O human race that is defiled and distanced from God ! Return through the path of repentance and turn to Jesus, your Saviour.  Active participation in the Holy Mass, a life, accepting Jesus the Word, devotion to and faith in the Immaculate Heart and unceasing prayer, especially the prayer of the Rosary – let these   be  the important factors in your life.

My children, never lose courage even when the sharp arrows of humiliation and rejection come to strike   you. You are humiliated because you love this  Mother. You


shed tears because  you look towards the light. You are suppressed because you win souls for Jesus along with me. Now is the time you have to rejoice because the Holy Word is being fulfilled through you. So children, this Mother is ready to dedicate your humble lives, the sufferings and bitter experiences you bear silently, making them sweet and worthy of offering to the Father through the Son.

Children, know that it is high time man came to discernment and repentance, since the chances for natural calamities, wars and riots are on the increase. I weep thinking of the children who do not understand the value of surrender. My children, pray; pray for the Holy Church,. Pray to the Holy Spirit who straightens the crooked, heals the wounded and reveals what is hidden. Satan, the enemy of God, is very cunning and merciless. Unite with this mother in the terrible war against him, my children. The fulfillment of His plan of love has been entrusted to your Mother who is the Lord’s most humble handmaid. I cannot sit patiently witnessing Satan’s success in spreading atheism and eclipsing the light, love and glory of our Father’s Word. Children, pray, pray intensely. Do not panic seeing the darkness spread around. This Mother knows that it is   part of her enemy’s plan. This is the truth you should understand   along with this. It is part of my victorious plan – the plan that dethrones darkness and spreads light all around.

My dear children, surrendering yourselves completely, prepare to receive the Holy Spirit in the shrine of my Immaculate Heart. Jesus gives you abundantly the most valuable fruit of his act of redemption (The Holy Spirit), who is the witness of His Individuality and Divine Mission. Come my children, let us  pray.


           O Jesus Christ, our King, who was victorious over death and who is untouched by sin, prepare the whole universe in such a way as to proclaim the glory of God our Father. Filling us with your Holy spirit, reestablish your glorious reign over us. Oh! Spirit of love, come and fill the earth with blessings. Renew the whole Church, lead it through the fullness of purity and be a bright lamp that shines  in the complete darkness  around. Heal the  wounds of selfishness, impurity and injustice so that all  human beings, God’s beloved creation may live as one family. Save us from the desires of the world and from the clutches of Satan. O Holy Spirit,

come in glory through the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of our Blessed Mother who is your most beloved bride. Let this desert like world be filled with the abundance of your grace because of your powerful act of love. O Holy Spirit, bless us, granting us  a renewed  sky and earth, Amen.