XII    15 August 1997 : Message given by Our Lady on the Feast of the Assumption.

My child, I am using you and your family members as chosen instruments of mine because this is the time when at least some of my children have to be saved. God, our Father, has through my presence, entrusted you with certain duties for a short span of time. Everything is being fulfilled in the fullness of time. The sign of my maternal presence is manifested here also, as are the apparitions in various parts of the world. But many children have found these apparitions incredible and unbelievable. Many miracles taking place by my presence are being questioned by human intelligence. Those who seek

only the visible signs manifested in this house are not true believers! For more than nine months signs were shown through me. Now repentance shall be attained through faith, prayer and through my intercession. Repentance shall be the only sign. Hold fast to the weapon of the Rosary. The Rosary is the weapon to fight against Satan. Let all children pray fervently. Nothing is stronger than prayer. The fragrance which has caused doubts in many, has also made many believe. However, that fragrance can hence be experienced only in some moments of anointing of the Spirit. The milk I have made to flow here today will be the last but enduring sign that I have given. There will be lots of hostilities and sorrows. Even authorities will object. You will be haunted by despair. But never withdraw. As it has been prophesied by certain virtuous people inspired by the Holy Spirit, the time has come for a change in the mode of ministry. Now  prayer alone is needed. Those who come to repentance through prayer will rejoice in heaven with me. Do not be afraid children. The Lord is with you!

My children, I am the mother assumed into heaven. By the grace of God I abide in heaven as the forerunner of the human race. How pained you are when questioned by others! In this troubled atmosphere, when you are called by the Lord, my enemy, the devil, injects fatal venom into human hearts and thereby many drift into doubts and lives of sin. Thus he thinks that he rules this world. Children, I tell you, Do not fear, God is with you. My dear children, who face dangers, the time will come when truth is revealed along with the triumph of the Immaculate Heart. I am at work now, not


for recognition but for the redemption of humanity. I thank the Father on behalf of you and your family who have co-operated with me to achieve the success given by the love of Jesus. I am specially thankful to you since you have dedicated everything to my Immaculate Heart. I am happy thinking about the days when you lived in the spirit of true dedication. – you have borne everything in perfect subjugation to me!  The traps made by Satan, my enemy, to ensnare this world are terrible. Those who are trapped by him will have to experience temporary happiness and eternal disappointment. Children, offer completely every Eucharistic Sacrifice  and subordinate yourselves to the Divine Will. Do not earn damnation. There are many children in this world, who do not understand or experience the happiness of motherly love and there are those who speak evil and insult me. Children, pray and prepare that the limitless mercy may flow from Jesus and be received by you. Through your good life become worthy to experience the heavenly joys along with me and the heavenly beings.


XIII   31 August 1997 : Message given by Our Lady on the feast of St.

           Raymond Nonn.

Children, it is time you went down on your knees and prayed specially for mercy. Do as much reparation and penance as you can and plead for mercy. The Lord’s glory will work only through a life of humility and subordination. Pray intensely and – immerse yourselves in the eight day observances in preparation for the feast of my Birth.

In how many thousands has the victory of my Immaculate Heart to be achieved, so that my children on earth will experience the great wonder of love? I am the Mother of adoration and acts of reparation. My children, pray for the Pope, the shepherd of the Church, and for the areas of his apostolate. The church is much out of harmony. Pray that the children of the church prepare with me to be with Jesus in the hour of suffering.





XXIX   15 August   1998 : Message given by Our Lady on the  Feast of

              the Assumption        .

N.B.      (On this  day milk flowed from the miraculous Rosary given by

                 Our Lady)

My beloved children, turn your eyes to your mother who has assumed into the glories of paradise. Let the voice of this mother, who has been striving tirelessly to instill in you the love of Jesus in its fullness, be not  unbearable to you. Children, you who are the different organs of the body of the church, pray ardently, recite the rosary unceasingly and lead a Eucharistic life  for the  Church, which is wandering, as a pilgrim, in this desert of a world bearing a huge bundle of sufferings, wounded and suppressed. Because this is the time of suffering which has been described in the book of Revelation as the kingdom of hatred and death which has been established by Satan in this world. Hence  the world is experiencing spiritual poverty. The media that has taken its roots from the  human intellect has become the  cause for the spread of impurity. My dear children, let your prayers rise. In pain do I hope; if only the period of trial and the intensity of purification were reduced through sacrifices and prayers for mercy ! My children, the preparations for war and the degeneration of faith in the church are the signs of celebration of the victory of evil . Children, if only you had listened to my voice and to the one who stands for you  and for heaven. Here, do I, your mother, prophesy. My children, turn to Jesus, give up sin and the sinful ways. Remove the mask of  blindness and impurity, lest  destruction befall you. You will have to pass through terrible disasters. You are nearing a stage when salvation can come only if the world experiences a terrible,


unseen and unheard of punishment . Pray especially for the pope, all the Bishops, priests and the  religious. Satan tries keenly to create more and more contentions among them. He allures them into sins of impurity. He has become very enthusiastic in humiliating and

insulting priests, who are devoted to me. He prepares men to rob churches and altars. My children, Satan is very crafty. To attack you, he searches for your weaknesses and acts through them. Today, in different parts of the world, are so many false prophets and people, who infuse evil into human hearts, giving it the appearance of good. And the spiritually impoverished ones believe their principles and grow into children of ignorance. The governments of ever so many countries are prepared to safeguard filthy wickedness and  frame laws against truth. When those who speak the truth and act in truth start to be considered  culprits, remember that the persecution of  Christians has commenced.  Because the word of God has to be fulfilled. [Revelation 12: 17-18] When this world –  the worldly children  fight along with Satan  against all the ways of God’s plan, God our father will decide to purify this world. Whatever misfortunes may befall, if the world does not raise its eyes towards heaven and if the proclamations made through me, your mother, through whom the last terrible sign was given to you, are  also rejected, our Father will not be in a position to shower mercy on you. Children, you are approaching days of enveloping darkness, when man cannot bear to see man. Children, the Church is being persecuted and wounded at the hands of her own children. To deliver you from all these miseries I, your mother, appear in different parts of the world and, through helpless children, propose many heavenly suggestions and ways of salvation. However, those who live forgetting the Lord and those who are tempted to live thus cannot either accept or understand this. They doubt my children and persecute them. But remember, oh world! To you, who live forgetting Him, the darkness filled days are about to come, through which God will reveal his power and presence. Children,  be prepared without waiting for or enquiring about the day or the time. Recite the rosary along with this mother, who is the virgin in the Book of Revelation, to defeat Satan – the black beast. Indulge yourselves in the observance of the sacraments and in a holy life. This world will


attain salvation by living the sign of Jesus rather than seeking other signs;  Here, I am going to withdraw the sign of fragrance the smallest but which many deemed a great sign given through this home which was chosen by Jesus. Because the ways of attaining salvation for you are  through the acceptance of the Word, the obedience to the divine instructions given through me and prayer. My dear children, walk fearlessly with this mother towards our heavenly fatherland in joy and confidence through the path of repentance and penance. Accept happily  the blame attributed to you.  I welcome you to the depths of my immaculate heart. This mother who is ever willing to lead you through the path of liberation to attain a new earth and new heavens wish you  a life with the most Holy Trinity.


XXXII  15 August 1999 : Message given by Our Lady on the  Feast

              of the Assumption.

My beloved children, by implanting the sacred memory of the Assumption in your hearts, I bless you. At this point as darkness envelopes you, I, your mother, have come bearing the light of Jesus. You should not view only the radiance of my glorious body assumed into heaven. You should be aware of   the dew drops of divine love that are showered on the arid surfaces of this age . You should understand the path   that I have tread  for you and you should live as burning lamps for the perfect glory of the Holy Trinity. Glorify God the Father by imitating  the Son and by receiving the gifts of the  Holy Spirit.

My dear children, the time has come for  divine justice to be meted out in  accordance with  the sins of this generation. You do not know what the Almighty Lord has kept in store for you to redeem and sanctify the human race. Children, know that the one who desires your salvation is much more powerful than the one who desires your destruction. Pray for the conversion of the world and for the mercy of God.

You should  understand that war, drought, floods, severe winter, pestilence, labour strikes, restriction of movement of goods etc are heralds of famine and are a part of  divine intervention, too. Do not say that you are rich. The word ‘Famine’ is written on you. Famine can be of different kinds. My children, let not the Holy Spirit ever be away from you. Hate sin and turn away from it. I lament thinking of those who claim to be in



Grace but do not live a grace-filled life. I am pained, remembering those, who ignoring the spirit of forgiveness, preach spiritual matters in an unspiritual state and practise   self-

deception in their own lives. Above all I cry even now thinking about how  divine justice will be meted out on this world, which rushes forward neglecting God’s mercy!

My children, a satanic catastrophe  has befallen the world deceiving souls. My children I invoke you in a loud voice and in tears – fight and defeat Satan. In union with the sorrows of this mother, get ready  to accept the prayer of the Rosary , a sacramental  life and a life of forbearance. Shatter your hearts that are stiffened like skeletons by pride, adorned by the vanity of the world, enticed by layers of sin and hence unable to yield to divine plans. This mother will help you. You are duty-bound to illuminate and  purify the church. Consecrate your lives along with the blood of those who become martyrs today. The greatest disaster today takes place in human hearts. Do not keep thinking that this is the end of the world. The sufferings that  each of you experience will be in proportion to your sins. Since you desire to be involved in good deeds I shall help you. This mother rejoices when I see Jesus being glorified through you. My children, discern the souls and be strong to defeat the powers of darkness. Obey the divine messages I   informed you earlier. Lead a life in accordance with the Scriptures. The symbol of my divine presence has been felt by thousands in this home. That experience which many times you were reminded would be taken away, is being given again and again through the mercy of Jesus. Due to that alone my beloved children were misunderstood, insulted and had to suffer much. I am pleased as my children accepted these experiences joyously. But I repeat that this symbol which is rarely given, is  only for a short span. This mother desires to see you liberated from the bond of the disgusting smell of impurity and live emitting the fragrance of Jesus, the fragrance of purity.

My children, pray daily, consecrating your motherland to my Immaculate Heart. I desire that each of you  be consecrated to my Immaculate Heart. I will help you walk towards Jesus. In whatever way God Our Father has prepared me for my Holy Son



to come to you, using my virgin womb as the instrument, in the same way the Immaculate Heart of this mother is made an instrument for His second coming.

This is the time of the Immaculate Heart. My children get ready. God is merciful and just, too. In His justice he will punish those who disregard his mercy. Even as He speaks through me about punishment, what He desires is to save you from punishment. Repent, pray and do penance. The door of Scripture is open for you. Let us altogether humbly approach that door with yearning and be purified drinking from that stream of clear water. I bless you along with Jesus ,who was , who is, who is to come and who is the Lord of the universe, in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

XXXIX    15 August 2000 : Message given by Our Lady on the  Feast

                  of the Assumption.

My children, the chalice of mercy is overflowing. Never reject mercy. Let each moment of your life be requests for mercy. Raise your prayers for mercy unceasingly before God – this is  what your Mother has to remind you.

XLV 15 August 2001 : Message given by Our Lady on the  Feast of the


My children! I open the golden doors of my Immaculate Heart and welcome you into it and offer you to the most Holy Trinity on the day of the commemoration of the feast of the Assumption of this mother, who, in the mercy of the Heavenly Father, was made worthy to give birth to His only Son on earth.

Children, this is the era  you should grow in discernment. God’s love gets dried in  human hearts that are shriveled by selfishness. Satan, who boasts that he has succeeded in bringing a large part of the world under his flag and keeps trying for it, distances  humanity  from the Divine plan. Children, I remind you, days of terrible torture, different from what the world has seen and unimaginable to man are approaching. Take care not to be deceived by yourselves. Retain the Grace to pray, to fight against sin, and to do penance and take care not to lose it. Offer acts of penance as the response of your life.

Children, understand the conditions of the present world that you see, hear and experience by yourselves. Many things, that I have repeatedly told you but has been ignored by man, happen. Through inner purification and repentance and believing in the true God, again I want you to lead a humble life. Divine truth, which is absolute and immutable will remain eternally. Consecrate the entire world to the Sacred Heart of Jesus which has turned into a furnace, burning with intense love for man. Children, come with repentance to this mother who bears the furnace of the Sacred Heart. Pray the Holy Rosary with confidence and love. Make frequent Confession , receive the Holy Eucharistc Lord . Renounce sin and  its circumstances. Be submissive to the Holy Church. Pray for the Pope. Pray for my beloved priests and religious who have been specially chosen as the lambs for sacred sacrifice. Pray ardently because Satan is more interested in alluring the religious into his pleasures.

Children, accept every exhortation of this mother seriously. I am with you. I shall help you, to find solace on the sacred face of my Divine Son. In every moment of your life, be with this mother in purity, humility, faith and prayer, giving no consideration to anything even  humiliations from those whom you considered your own. The Word which is the gate that allows you entry into the light of eternity, is kept open for you through the Immaculate Heart of your Mother. Be filled with the Holy Spirit. Prepare for the second Pentecost. I pray that every evil and sin  be wiped out by His Divine Mercy so that the glory of God may be sung and exalted. Let God’s peace reign over your hearts.




LI      The Last Message Given by our Blessed Mother on 22 August 2002 on

           the  Feast of Our Lady, Queen and Mother.

N.B. ( On this day Rani John had the stigmata experience and the Miraculous

         reception of the Holy Communion on her tongue from Jesus. After these

         experiences Our Lady gave her the following message.)

My little children, I join in your happiness in the  commemoration of my coronation as Queen. As the King of love and Mercy took his origin in the Immaculate Heart of this mother, I ardently wish to receive each one of you in my heart. I have led you through many signs and warnings. I remind you not to let them go futile. This is the last message that  I have made my little child write. Though you will be led by spiritual inspirations, the time for my direct narration of experiences  is drawing to a close. Little children, the answer for your life in the world is rooted in the Sacred Scriptures ( Bible ). The Gospel should be the machine that controls your life. It is the compendium that is filled with life and salvation; love is its language, there is nothing that is not written in it. Be prepared to receive the Word of life without being led to wicked ways and hypocrisy. Children, when you begin to realize that everything in this world is valueless, it will be possible for you to aim at God. He who is capable of doing this is the genuine Christian. Children, die for yourselves at the foot of the cross and be born again for Jesus. Pray to the end of your lives for the priests who are chosen by my Son to shower blessings from the riches of heaven, and for my dear daughters who dedicate themselves through religious life. I am the mother of adoration and penance. Children, the Holy Mass is the greatest miracle and boon given to you. Every sacrifice is received as the sacrifice for the expiation of sin of the whole world and those who receive are filled with my Divine Son as ransom. My Divine Son will bless the family and the country of each person who proclaims his faith in the Eucharist. Children, you need the Eucharist. Priests are needed to celebrate in purity the mystery of the Holy Eucharist. The time of religious persecution is at hand. I am relieved, thinking of my priestly sons who, in priestly sanctity, endure in silence and offer their lives as a sacrifice. But I am distressed at those who, adorned with embellishments of impurity, with vengeance and the judgment of divine justice overhanging them, are leading men into wrong teachings. I cry with a broken heart as I see, in a world full of betrayal, those who become victims of physical pleasures, take the body and blood of my Son in their hands with the same attitude as they would pull and tear wildly the flesh of wild animals. Children, do not allow Satan to win. The hellish Serpent, which imprisons the dedication of sanctity will perish without much delay.

Children, be earnest in the devotion to the Rosary and in partaking of the Eucharistic Sacrifice as reparation. Satan claims to be winning in moulding a society that kills the Divine Word by putting forward philosophical thoughts, human sciences and losing the spirit of the Gospel. The Holy Church is being destroyed by her own servants. The Church is creeping along the imperfect path though it appears to be perfect externally. Pray for the Pope. Be inspired by the teachings of the Pope who leads the Church with courage, sacrifice and docility.

Children, my Immaculate Heart is filled with great sorrow and pain. Apostasy will haunt you more than at any other time. The Bible will turn out to be an object which will be used only on compulsion. Millions of people will die of severe famine, extreme winter, unbearable heat and drought. Deterioration of man, who is the temple of God, will inspire him to destroy the churches. Disintegration of marital relationships, suicide and infanticide will increase. Quarrels among the ruling parties, preparations for war will destroy man’s peace of life. The power of the church will weaken as differences of opinion among the spiritual leaders and controversies regarding faith increases. Media will destroy the soul rather than the body. Thirst for sex will destroy the humanness in man. Discarding God and His laws will become a common style of life. Spiritual servants who blame each other will increase in number. Men will suffer from incurable diseases. The cruel face of man will be unveiled through bomb explosions, preparation for war, murder and robbery. Financial loss and the fall of price of consumer goods will affect families and nations. The earth which bears the burden of man’s sin will be infuriated. Satan will make his influence felt through the universe. The vulgar deeds of European countries will invite the wrath of God. Children, I see all these. Turn back, children, turn back. Avoid the happiness that is obtained from the temptations. Hate sin and flee from it. Behold the radiance of my wounded Son’s countenance in those who are around you. Run away from drugs and liquor which cause you to lose your consciousness that God endowed you with. Even though you are in the midst of great distress and despair, call on God and pray to him. Offer everything to my Immaculate Heart so that you may be filled

with the redeeming power of the Omnipotent. Man who measures the mercy of God has to face the days of purification. Children, forge ahead with me during these times of great misery and cleansing. Children, this is the era of the completion of revelation. It is also the time of fulfillment of the third prophecy of Fatima. Do penance for the sins of those children who are trampled under the feet of my enemy. Man is experiencing the severity of misery to its fullness. You will never be free from these without the intervention of God’s Mercy. I love both, those who accept my messages and those who reject them. Pray for the whole world. You will have to move forward and achieve success through indefinable sorrow and pains. I need your co-operation to remove the parasites from the vine. Being happy at the suffering of these little children, I bless everyone in this house and those who have led everyone onto the path of purification. By the mercy that flows from the Heart that was broken at the pinnacle of suffering, the prayer of these children that can fill the universe becomes of immense value in heaven. You should accept the divine revelations of the ministry led by the maternal love and by the mercy of my Divine Son which has come in the fullness of time through signs, through experiences, as anointing through fullness of fragrance and through messages. Love and accept the Divine Mysteries which surpass human calculations and plans. It will lead to many questions, doubts and arguments. Children do not be afraid. Be a light in the darkness. Pray always. Even if they are few in number, the fragrance of those flowers of suffering will be the cause of the conversion of many sinners. Pray with humility so that we may be saved from evil. Humility is the foundation stone of perfection. You should desire to be humbled and should bless those who make you humble. This is essential to build the heavenly thrones. By conquering temptations and accepting fearlessly the sufferings that come seeking you, be heirs to the crown which has been studded with diamonds of sufferings. Be fervent in the devotion to the Rosary, in receiving the Holy Eucharist, reading the Word of God and in fasting. When the star of hell tries to destroy the seal of my stars, children, do not rest steeped in darkness. O youth ! you who have imbibed wrong values, and run faster than horses, be in your right senses. Pained at heart I say with tears, my children, live in purity, convert yourselves and return to Jesus. Permit this mother to plant the cross of Jesus in your hearts with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Dear Children, I remind you once again. This mother is always here with the salvation of Jesus, with you who are on the verge of dangers and with those who come to

pray here and also with the prayers that are offered here. May Jesus, the Sun of Light be with you always, reflecting the rays of his salvation and mercy. Amen.