XLVI  8 September 2001 : Message given by Our Lady on the  Feast of

            the Nativity of Mary.

            The important points of the message received this day.

  1. Jesus and His Blessed Mother grieve over the signs of the cross that are being distorted . Every human being living in the world has been redeemed and sanctified by the Sacrifice offered by Jesus Christ on the cross at Calvary. Accepting the path of the cross, sacrificing his life and sealing everyone with the sign of the Holy Cross, Jesus entrusted them to the Immaculate Heart of His Mother to give new life and protection. Every man who has been entrusted thus is a sign of the cross of Jesus Christ. Jesus,  who redeemed humanity through his death on the cross, is pained when man, glorified by the sign of the cross, destroys the life of sacrifice by not accepting suffering and by leading a sinful life.
  2. Jesus and His Blessed Mother are pained at seeing consecrated lives disintegrate like pieces of handicraft.
  3. The Holy Eucharist which is becoming an object of exhibition in public.(Insults on the Holy Eucharist)

– Adore and Glorify the Triune God with the heavenly creatures.

– Adore and Glorify God with those children who have consecrated

themselves completely to God.

– Adore and glorify God with those children who lead a family life.

XL    8  September  2000 : Message given by Our Lady on the  Feast of  

          the Nativity of the Virgin Mary.

My little children, I bless each of you on this day when heaven and earth are filled with joy commemorating the birth of your Heavenly Mother. Children, come near my cradle. I shall teach you humility and the mystery of spiritual childhood. I understood all

these when I became the simple handmaid of the Lord. The Lord can act only through those who are simple and weak. Therefore, be accomplished   in spirituality   and innocent and total in surrender. When pains and sufferings come in your life I am there

beside you. You just have to look into my Immaculate Heart as my Son did, I will take over everything. I shall help to lead you through the path of true freedom, to fulfill sincerely the divine plans and to follow Jesus along the path of grace.

My children, never again recall the pains of   past wounds. You must pray intensely. Hate and discard anything that discourages prayer. Understand this, my children – the main reason for bringing down the curse on the world  is feticide. The babies, who are killed while in the  wombs of their mothers, are my children. Their wails

lash like the waves. Pray for this tragic situation.  Those who live and grow become wayward errants and stark violators of  Divine Law. Satan finds victory in  making them misconstrue sin for good deeds. O wicked world!  Remember, you who ignore the Lord’s mercy will have to shed tears for justice and mercy. My children, remain with this mother and understand the signs of the times. Repent and through conversion, turn to God and remain in grace. The human mind has become arid due to hatred and enmity. They bite and tear  one another as beasts. No one understands the value of human life. Idol-worshippers, scandal-mongers and false prophets have come to mislead you. Lust for power and   worldly pleasures have become the craze for man. I weep seeing all this because the Sacred Will of my Holy Child is being trampled upon. So my  children, open the chambers of your hearts to illumine the nocturnal darkness.

If you love and follow Jesus, you will be walking in the path of pure holiness and limitless mercy. My children, the Holy Eucharist, the Word of God and the prayer of the Rosary are the sources of strength in your life. Hold fast to them. Do not get scared, but instead, gather spiritual courage. Look at this mother who is a child. You should become like children. Your child-like quality is my strength. We shall join together to fight and defeat Satan who desires our destruction. Neither be frantic nor retreat when tribulations increase. Pray for strength to win over tribulations. Be fervent   in prayer. I am always with you to help. Never forget that this Mother is always with you to impart hope, relief, happiness and courage to you, who honour my earthly birth. I pray that you   turn into flames of Divine Love and  be able to become one with the Lord.

XXXIII       8  September 1999 : Message given by Our Lady on the   Feast of the

                     Nativity of the Virgin Mary.

Children, you who are immersed in the memories of the birthday of your mother, I bless you. Do you not know how a mother picks up her child, kisses it, bathes it patiently and cleanse it, even if its clothes and body are soiled while playing in the mud. In the same way I, your divine mother, rush to your side to bathe and cleanse your souls without hesitation. I appeal to you, children,  to be within this mother’s fold in freedom. This mother is ready to keep you close to the heart of Jesus. My children pray for that. Be prepared to accept and be elevated into grace  every capability that you have received as  gift. Because it is impossible to efface cruelty except through Grace. My children pray and be ready. The peace of Jesus be with you


XIV   8 September 1997 : Message given by Our Lady on the Feast of

          the Nativity of  the Virgin Mary.

This is the day of commemoration of my birth as an ordinary human being,  as  it was decided from the beginning of time  for the Word to be made flesh. At the moment of my conception I was filled with the Holy Spirit and made immaculate. That was only the beginning of the great work of redemption. I was being groomed for the work of redemption, which was prophesied and long awaited by humanity for many centuries, to be realized in history. I was born to give birth to Jesus who is the Saviour and leader of the world. My children, these are not to be considered merely as historic events. The time has come for sin to admit defeat. All creatures have to get ready to attain perfect renewal through the defeat of the wicked. The victims of sin and hatred are my children. My children, you are all living in these venomous days of the storm. Men are retreating more and more from God. The hearts filled with selfishness and hatred are withered and dry. But, my children, my motherly heart throbs on your behalf. The loving redemptive plan entrusted to me by our Heavenly Father can be fulfilled only through each of you. You will witness a new birth when the human race returns completely to redemption. Children, I want to save each of my children as Jesus desires. For that, you should be with this mother who has consented to be the handmaid of the Lord. Travel along these paths with me. Seek my help to give you light at the time of utter darkness. All of you should respond ‘Yes’ to the Divine Will. Never be misled from your path because of vain curiosity aroused by the devil. I hear Satan chanting songs of victory in the present condition of the world. Prepare to dethrone him. Children, purity, love, humility and modesty should be reflected in you. The Lord acts through the simple and the weak. Children, I see sorrows, wounds, insults, mental agonies and moments of suppression in all your lives. It is because you give priority to the ways of Satan. Seek shelter in Jesus, the source of hope and greatness. You should be aware of the disunity prevalent in the church. It is a period when the Pope and other shepherds  should proceed in unity. My children, it has reached a gory situation where a painful purgation has to take effect.    The divisive thoughts of the intellectuals question the very unity of the church. All these accelerate the shadows of pain on my heart and that of my Infant Jesus. Children I invite you to the lap of your mother. Learn simplicity, honesty, loyalty, calmness, humility, obedience and silence from me. My children, come quickly to the cradle of this Heavenly Mother. Offer prayers and a life of devotion and simplicity. Though a handmaid, and yet, crowned queen of heaven and earth, I bless you with immense joy and happiness.


XV 14 September 1997  : Message given by Our Lady on the feast  of

       the Exaltation of the Cross.

My children the human race has been redeemed and is still experiencing redemption in the crucified Jesus, who is stupid to the wise and an obstacle to those who take pride in the intellect. But I am greatly pained when I see  the unbearable burden placed by the children of today on the cross carried on His Sacred Shoulders. My children, the crucified

Jesus raised on the cross   for the redemption of his children, is your God. The human race is surfeit with the evil tendencies of violence and darkness. No one thinks of the glory of the Cross. Pray for everyone so that the dewdrops of divine mercy flow into human hearts and they receive the grace of repentance.


XVI   15  September 1997: Message given by Our Lady on the  Feast of Our Lady of  


My children, when baby Jesus was offered at the temple, the aged Simeon prophesied – a sword will pierce your heart. And following my Son from the first day of his life to the death on the cross, my heart has been pierced and into it has been brought the children of this world. My children, today I am a deeply sorrowing mother. I see a cruel heap of destruction in this world. My motherly heart is pained and wounded when I see the sinfulness of the human hearts filled with selfishness and vanity. The helpless cries emanating from the bloodshed of innocent babes, the destruction of family ties, the  thought of rising to the summit of worldliness, the children who shower worldly love in


ways that are  Satanic – my heart gets pierced when I see all these. You can comprehend the depth of my maternal sorrow only when you enter into the mystery of the deep rejection of this sorrowful mother who has become your mother at the foot of the Cross, on which my Son has sacrificed His life in obedience to the Divine Will of the Father, for your redemption. My children I am the Mother of Sorrows. I yearn to suffer pain for your sake, to plead for mercy and to get love for you. I suffer much pain for the Holy Church, my beloved daughter. The theological studies which distort the truths of faith which was taught by Jesus and is being officially taught by the  Church, and  priests who, filled with the worldly spirit,  lead a life unbecoming of the disciples of Jesus, and as a consequence of which destruction is caused in the church – Terrible moments of test are in store for the church because wolves in lambskin have entered the church. I had foretold at Fatima – immoral man would establish himself in the church and  the disgust and contempt of destructive forces will enter the holy abode of God. Today I continue to weep because the human race does not accept my motherly invitation to the mission of redemption – to bring back my children to Jesus through repentance. They insult and repudiate Jesus. Your heavenly mother is being openly humiliated and ridiculed. Men live disbelieving the signs of my deep sorrow and not lending an ear to my cry. The church lives through great trials. My Son Jesus has given a new shepherd in Pope John Paul II. Love him, support him and follow him. The church has yet to suffer. Co-operate with me in my mission and gain strength through prayer. And at the dawn of the new era let there be perseverance in abundance in the faithful.


XVII 29 September 1997 : Message given by Our Lady on  the feast of

           the Archangels.

My children I call on you to entrust all children to the Lord’s angels because the time assigned to Satan and his army is brief. The days of their victory are greater in this world. Many are the men who are overpowered by the evil of the diabolic spirit of darkness. But the angels rescue the children from many traps. The angels have a special


role to play in this battle between the crowned woman and the red serpent. Under my leadership they wage a terrible war against Satan and his evil spirits. You, my children, who love sin more than anything else in this world, give up your lives filled with despair. The Archangel Gabriel is with you with the mission to empower you with divine strength. The Angel Gabriel leads you by the Holy Spirit to the path of truth in pure faith, courage and firmness. The mission of St. Michael – is to protect you with great power from  dangerous situations into which Satan influences your lives forcing you in precarious conditions and persecute you spiritually and  physically to destroy even your life. Recite daily in your homes the deliverance prayer written by Pope Leo XIII to plead for the protection of St. Michael. The mission of St. Raphael, the archangel, is different; children , who live in this deceit-filled world, are very much hurt by several sinful circumstances and this messenger of God approaches you with soothing balms to heal all these spiritual wounds. I have entrusted to him the task of accompanying you along the paths I suggest. He will be with you to lead you along the path of safety. Live a life of dedication to my Immaculate Heart. I bless you along with the angels of God.