I        02 November 1996 :    

The Message given by Our Lady when Rani John

           received the  Miraculous Rosary from Our Blessed

           Mother at the Shrine of Our Lady of  Velankanni

           on 02 November 1996 on All Souls Day.



“ Praise the Lord! I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart, in the company of the upright, in the congregation. Great are the works of the Lord, studied by all who have pleasure in them. Full of honour and majesty is his work and his righteousness endures forever. He has caused his wonderful works to be remembered; the Lord is gracious and merciful.”

XX    2  November 1997 :  Message given by Our Lady on the Anniversary of the

           reception of the Miraculous Rosary.

Children, I am the Queen of the Holy Rosary. My little children, who commemorate the first Anniversary of my gift of the Rosary – a powerful weapon made in simplicity but steeped in godliness and which is to be revealed to this world – I am very pleased at your great enthusiasm, and your life filled with sacrifice and its consequent sorrowful situations. I rejoice seeing each of your little deeds carried out as a sign of your love for me. I desire to open each of my children’s hearts to the holiness of love. My victory becomes complete only when my Immaculate Heart achieves this. Children, you must accept whole- heartedly my call to embrace the cross. It will be achieved easily if you grow each day in accordance with my motherly plan. Let not your minds be laden with sorrow while in the fiery furnace of sufferings. I will provide you with opportunities to comprehend and appreciate truths inaccessible to those masked by darkness. Tirelessly be enthusiastic to enter into glory. Many have been saved by the Rosary. However, those who followed Satan and wavered lost the sublime. My children, stand firm in faith and fight using the holy weapon of the Rosary. Remain steadfast in the army that I lead through the Rosary. Lead a simple life. What does this world offer you other than what is transient? Satan cannot offer you eternity. Come in haste to this holy garden of your heavenly mother who is clad in the sun.  Children, be eager and enthusiastic to offer your lives as sacrifice along with Jesus who has become the  Sacrificial Lamb for the redemption of the world. The words of men lead them into confusion. The days of great punishment, which the world is facing now, is passing in a horrifying manner. The world has prepared itself  to become a valley of tears. Children open   the doors of your hearts. Opening them for this mother, live in peace and in the grace of God. Propagate the devotion to the Rosary without losing enthusiasm. Thus you will be strengthened all the more to drive away Satan. Children, along with the uniqueness of this day let me remind you of something. Pray for those brethren who passed away before you, with conscience marked by your faith. Those who were consecrated to my Immaculate Heart experience eternal peace and shine as golden rays of supreme eternal bliss in paradise. However, there are many other children in purgatory who are not able to be united with God. Pray for them. My children live in purity. United in prayer, wait and strive for heaven to be created on earth. Raise your prayers to heaven so that Jesus will hasten his second coming, His grace will fill the whole world and establish a garden of holiness. I, the Mother of all saints and inhabitants of the earth, am very eager to help you. Children, pray with me and work with me. Be careful not to fall into sin in this world filled with impurity and darkness. Lead a new life in the dawn of the new Era. The new life that offers the dewdrops of God’s mercy will shower on earth from the heavens.  My dear children, be one in heart in power-giving prayer. Then my tears will give way to smiles. On this fine day, inviting you to recite the Rosary along with all the saints and those good souls who have departed from this world, I wish you peace.


XXI   21 November 1997 : Message given by Our Lady on the feast of the     

           Presentation of our Blessed Mother.

My children today is the anniversary of the day when I was dedicated completely to the service of our Lord according to the Divine will of God our Father – I, who offered myself before the radiant  beam of the Holy Spirit, was being prepared for a great and  sublime mission. This is the day on which the body, comprehending the Holy Scriptures and growing up in the Word, was consecrated in the perpetual sacrificial fires for the service of God. My daughter, I was consecrated for the worship of my Lord. I lived in joy dedicating myself for His service and for His great glory through silence and prayer.

My children, in order to establish firmly the relationship between your Lord and you, do not deny even the most trivial suffering which you get through this mother. My children, how many are the tribulations which my beloved children suffer as though they are a part of Christian persecution! Children who have been ordained priests and are


serving in other lands and the religious, are being mercilessly persecuted, tortured and murdered. Satan who works through men makes it impossible for man to open his heart  towards their sufferings and cries. My children, never lose the opportunities  you get to pray. The bodies of children who live in this world will be purified as if by fire through innumerable trials inside the shrine of my heart. Gradually they will attain semblance to Jesus, your Saviour and my beloved Son– Let your life be an offering of sacrifice and love. Never avoid sufferings. The time of great trials has come. The atmosphere is filled with clouds of smoke. Furnaces of fire arise. Powerful explosives are being made. Moreover, sparks of vengeance give way to flames in human hearts. Can you imagine what the final consequence of all these would be? Pray with this mother for a downpour of the flowery rain of mercy.  Children, pray for God’s Grace so that the Pope may proceed with courage through the fierce tribulations he faces, and rule the church tirelessly. Let each child gain strength through prayer to safeguard in purity the body which is the temple. Beware lest you fall into the traps and temptations of Satan. Surrender and march ahead in prayer with this mother in order that the love of Jesus which is the refuge of all children, be reflected in you.

XXXIV   2  November 1999 :  Message given by Our Lady on the Anniversary of the

                 reception of the Miraculous Rosary.

N.B.         (On this day Rani John had the miraculous reception  of the Holy

                 Communion on her tongue from Jesus for the tenth time.)

My beloved children, on this good day I have come to you with the invocation to consecrate your souls to my immaculate heart, your secure refuge. Children,  do not


delay – you cannot prolong the duration of the days of being purified. You, who follow and worship idols, which you have enthroned in God’s place, have enslaved yourselves with the comforts of life. And the red serpent, my enemy, having now spread the mask of

indifference over the world, has tightly fastened you all with the chain of slavery. He, who has filled the minds of my poor children with the illusion that they can live without God, is singing the song of victory. My dear children, remember that he will be confined without delay. Proceed with this mother using the strong chain of the Rosary. The Rosary is my prayer. I have come from heaven to plead for this prayer. My children, the prayer of the Rosary is the symbol of my sure victory. God desires to complete my victory by imprisoning Satan along with all his powers in hell in his own  kingdom, which is filled with death, darkness and filth. So, my beloved children, everyone of you who stand at the threshold of the third millennium, pledge yourselves on this special day – that you will  work  with your heavenly mother to bind Satan, to be liberated from the world of hypocrisy and to live in divine freedom. My children, if Satan is confined by the chain of the Rosary, all his activities will lose their vigour and he would never again  attain freedom. So my children, forsake sin, be strong in prayer like a child and surrender yourselves to the plans of the  Father drawing divine power from confession and the holy Eucharist.

My children, I cannot make you understand the present state of this world. Your streets are stained with innocent blood. The Hearts of my Divine Son and mine become limp on seeing this. I cannot bear to see the church, the body of the Holy Child, dragged, divided, mutilated and paralyzed. Unity and  peace, are preached. But even those who practice it are ensnared by men. During these times, because so many terrible things are happening in  different parts of the world, am I working and making extraordinary appearances.

I have no time to wait for anyone’s recognition, authentication and  finalization of decisions. Children, just remember. No one can deceive God or convince Him with his arguments. Today, the world has changed into a sign for Man. Hereafter man should lead


a good life discretely and in the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Jesus desires to give  to the world a sign with human life. So  children, accept the way of repentance. Be prepared to listen to and accept the invocations of this mother who has come to save you from the devil’s mouth as  from a lion’s.

The kingdom of God is in your midst. It is enough that you enter into it. Its doors are  kept open for you. My children, in this final stage of purification and terrible persecutions, when heaven has become one with the earth, proceed as partakers of the divinely formed army of soldiers. This mother invites you all to be partakers of the joy that flows from the unity of all saints. This mother promises you the strength and courage to overcome temptations. Take refuge in Jesus, the creator of the whole universe, and grow. No one has closed what He has opened, and no one has opened what He has closed. So my children, proceed in faith  with this mother with a life deep-rooted in the Word , to crush the head of hellish serpent, to close the gates of hell forever and to gain  divine freedom for you .Raise your strong cries of pleading and penance before God our Father. Pray that the spring of mercy may flow over the world from the Son’s Sacred Heart. Yearn for the renewal of the whole world through the powerful work of the Holy Spirit for God’s Glory to be shone. This Mother, the Queen of the Rosary, wishes you heavenly peace.

XLI            2  November  2000 : Message given by Our Lady on  the

Anniversary of the reception of the Miraculous Rosary.


My loving children, I bless you who are meditating on the mysteries of the Holy Rosary which was gifted to you. Children, when I was in agony over the pathetic condition of humanity, your prayers consoled me greatly. On that very account, I give you my assurance. I shall always be with you, to strengthen you and to regain whatever

part of the world, Satan, the enemy of God’s children, has conquered.    Children, the simple prayer, the rosary, will mould you spiritually in humility, peace of heart and simplicity. Children, it is with the spirit of pride and revolt against God that Satan is

going ahead victoriously . So I desire that you wipe out completely the pride of Satan through your humility and humble prayers.

Children, if only the human beings understood that the signs and the divine directions given through my beloved child of this family are befitting to be accepted wholeheartedly to honour the true God! I am fully satisfied that many children have attained a prayerful life and salvation through the simple ministry done here. Satan is trying in one way or the other to harm those who spread the devotion to the  Rosary and work for the victory of my Immaculate Heart. Children, remember that you are appointed to defeat the power of the enemy who stands against Jesus Christ. It is not in your individual holiness that the perfection of His choice lies.  So your past sorrows, abuses, accusations, tortures, misunderstandings and your sins, both  big and small should not weaken you. Be faithful to the choice and call of God. The forthcoming days will be very painful. You will be looked on with doubt by the world. Here God’s Mercy is possible through my beloved child only through  inner purification and repentance and not through visible signs. I will shower blessings on all those who come and pray here. Blessings gained through prayers are indescribable. So, for the same reason, you have to continue to suffer. I used to make you happy with the sweet fragrance of anointing, which provided heavenly bliss. Many accepted this in faith and many in disbelief. Make this experience of the Divine Presence your own. This was granted in a special way either through this house or through my daughter. Not so hereafter. Let my Divine Son and me rejoice in the fragrance of the holy flowers of your lives.

Beloved children, I need people to preach the Word of God and to prepare the children for the second coming of my Divine Son , arms to assist and feet to travel through various paths. Children, you should assist me. During days of terrible sufferings,

without losing faith, accept this message to return to Christ, which is worthy of acceptance and propagate it. Children, very craftily does Satan encourage mankind to live

a life rejecting divine law disdainfully. Do not reject the ways to reach the presence of God after escaping from the horrible and treacherous attacks of that black beast. Obey the commandments of God and always remain in a state of divine grace through the sacraments especially the sacraments of the Holy Eucharist and confession. Pray ardently  the rosary  with this mother. Do not reject the mercy of  Jesus. Let  prayers for the clergy and the religious rise from you, too. Leading mankind very craftily into circumstances of sin, and thus generating in them guilt and despair  and making them despise life and turn away from God, Satan is reigning on earth with his huge army. Sexual sins, like a forceful current of filthy water and social media  turning into an alluring mire of sin is creeping into every family. My poor children become preys to this bad state of affairs. Children ! The vehement power of prayer, penance and repentance alone can save the world from the punishment determined by Divine Justice. Because every request to repent is rejected by the stubborn world. My little ones listen to the voice of this mother. This Immaculate Heart, which is the assured way to grow in divine love and to attain the pinnacle of perfection is kept open for you. Pray  with me without fear. Surrender yourselves completely. I am always willing to obtain for you many blessings from my Divine Son. Children, May the sorrows and oppositions lead you to the cross. They will take you to the gates of heaven. On this blessed day, I pray that you may be cleansed by the cross which is the centre of the Holy Rosary. Do not loose heart on  hearing Satan’s wise pieces of advice. Never give up reciting the rosary. There is no doubt that this prayer, in which the Holy Trinity rejoices and which pleases the inmates of heaven, will make the  children of the earth worthy of Eternal bliss. My children, have faith. Go along with this mother  with the strong weapon – the Rosary. I wish that you may be granted divine peace, through a life of prayer and charity, which brings you close to freedom.


XLVII   2 November 2001 : Message given by Our Lady on the

    Anniversary of the reception of the Miraculous Rosary.

My beloved children, accepting your prayers and suffering which is the cause of great joy in heaven, I too, rejoice with you on this fine day. Children, the weapon of the Rosary, that has the strength to defeat the powers of darkness, is the unbreakable guarantee of eternal salvation. This is the time when the prayer of the Rosary, that is capable of destroying the power of evil by annihilating schisms and languishing sin, is most needed. Because no human race before has had so much unprecedented destruction, danger, evil and threats of war. Pray, receiving strength from the Holy Mass and saying the Rosary continuously so that there is divine peace in the world. It is high time that the world  was made aware of the great mystery and power of the Holy Mass. Run and take refuge in the presence of the Lord of the Holy Eucharist, I am always there. Propagate the devotion to the Rosary. Whatever the devotees of the Rosary ask shall be granted. The root of all the evils in the world is the ignorance of man who wants to attain all worldly pleasures in its perfection. Man is not willing to act according to the will of God who is perfect. There is only one way to avoid this –  repent. Repentance is necessary both for the sinner and the saint. This may begin in a moment; however, it can be completed only with a lifetime. Children, do not consider who are with you and who are against you. Live in peace amidst contempt and insult. Learn to suffer in silence; the help of my Son is always with you. The message of the cross should be your happiness. Your salvation is in the cross. The fulfillment of heavenly bliss is in the cross. Dear children, the cross  awaits you everywhere. Embrace it with the whole heart, or else its burden will  increase.

        Children, do not be afraid when you have to face difficulties and confront situations on account of  those whom I had chosen but are not ready to respond to the Divine plans as they were deceived by Satan. Trust in God. This mother is with you. Children, there will be many more  religious persecutions. There will come a stage when peace will be found nowhere. During this span of time, people will attend sermons that betray the sacred scriptures and live accordingly. The flood of false prophets has caused vagueness and confusion among the majority of my trusted children. Remember, children, that those who seek solutions keeping God apart, are searching for water in a mirage. There is no truth or way apart from Jesus because he lives forever. He has the keys of death and hell. Children, know, experience   and love Jesus. Believe, repent and do penance; save yourself from the tortures of sin. I shall help you. The torture of sin will lead you into  eternal damnation. Know that this is the time of salvation.

Your original enemy, the opponent of all good, is unceasingly  testing and trying tirelessly to destroy my work here by ensnaring those  who are not vigilant. Children, be one  with the precepts of Jesus, live a life of  prayer and sacrifice. Prepare to lead a life of peace and holiness, to accept the insults regarding the fragrant anointing about which I had  told you several times and which I now confirm. Though that can be attained by many on several occasions and in many ways as anointing, the sign which I had been giving through this family, especially through my beloved child will not be given any more in such a way as can be experienced by others. Children, as a sign of the fragrance, join this mother to lead into repentance the human hearts in which the greatest tragedy takes place. Together shall we pray, standing in the presence of God the Father and receiving  graces on this earth. Let me, with much pain, remind you one thing even as I painfully see the spiritual ruin of my  beloved children. I am very much distressed to see you disregard many of my messages and disobey them. However much you hurt me, I can only love you. Children, if I have to say anything more to you, it is that you should obey whatever I have told you earlier. That is my Son’s and my hearts’ desire. So obey the Word of God. Be fervent in the participation of the Holy Mass, in the devotion to the Rosary, in fasting and in making confession. Reflect on my messages and live accordingly. Renouncing sin, live in obedience and humility and embrace the path of Faith and Truth. I will not talk to you any more in this manner. Everything is ingrained in my Immaculate Heart. Children, this Heart is your own. Do not reject what is yours. Promising you the peace of leading you into the shade of the Heart of Jesus, I accept the greetings of this good day from Jesus and give it to you. Amen.






The description of the picture revealed by Our Blessed Mother and the message  given on 2 November 2001 on the  Anniversary of the reception of the Rosary.

Photo of the Picture of Our Lady of Kanchikode       



mother of kanjikode

About the picture


          A large globe represents the earth. Three quarters of this globe is  encircled by a serpent which has its mouth wide open to devour the remaining quarter. The atmosphere is filled with fire, wind, smoke, dust and terrifying sounds. Nowhere is there peace….

          Then there comes the Holy Mother of God, the Queen of the whole world, with the  blessings of God the Father and with the help of the Holy Spirit,  to save the world with two divine weapons. The angels play heavenly melodies on the harp and the lute . Our Blessed Mother, the synonym of humility, with a calm and serene face expressing grandeur and seriousness simultaneously, looks at  Satan with revulsion and hate,  and tramples over its head and crushes it. To make this possible for her children, our Blessed Mother advises thus:

          My children, the head of the serpent can be crushed only by the power of the Holy Eucharist that fills the tabernacle of my Immaculate Heart (the first weapon) and by the recitation of the Holy Rosary which is ten times more powerful than the atom bomb (the second weapon). Children, run and take refuge in the divine tabernacle and spend a holy hour in adoration. Participate and offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

with complete repentance, love, devotion and reverence. Be  eager to offer a drop of your love into the the heart of the Eucharistic Lord, from which emanates  miraculous strength and courage. That will make reparation for many sins. From the moment He was in my Immaculate womb and all through His life  even to the time after the resurrection when he was seen in all glory and, now unceasingly, I adore Him. Cultivate a deep, close, personal love and devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the divine gift of the Holy Eucharist and permit this Mother to turn the wheel of your life around the divine tabernacle of the Immaculate Heart. Recite the Rosary with fervour and devotion. It is certain that the head of  Satan will be crushed. Children, I, the mother of the Holy Eucharist give you full assurance. It is time for my Immaculate Heart to triumph. We shall fight together by uniting ourselves with the Eucharistic Lord and offering the sacrifice of the Mass and by reciting the Holy rosary to dispel the dark clouds  and to transform family life, society and even the  world order. It will then be possible for  those faithful children to enter into the experience of an entirely new and peaceful earthly paradise. Therefore listen and obey this Mother of the Eucharist, who is always present  near the divine tabernacle and Altar.

            I will bless the individuals who willingly propagate this message and picture. I will bless every endeavor of theirs. I will obtain countless blessings for them from Jesus. Wherever this picture is honoured and those who accept this message whole heartedly will be blessed.

My dear  children, together with the Eucharistic Lord who was offered as a victim at the Altar, this Mother too blesses you . In order to bring about a new earth and a new heaven, forge ahead in prayer and holiness and become  the tabernacles of mercy and love.