XLVIII  8 December 2001 : Message given by Our Lady on the  Feast of the

               Immaculate Conception.

Dear children, do you not recall with reverence the love of God the Father which, seeing the entire mankind experience the pain of sin, death and failure, became willing to give his own Son as ransom and  chose me, your Immaculate mother, as the way? Jesus, the redeemer came to this earth with my maternal cooperation. He fulfilled the will of the Father by leading the children through healing, love and peace and giving himself as ransom for humanity through his passion, crucifixion and death.  But children, today love is not reciprocated. The crucified Jesus is held in scorn by  the sons of the world. You find happiness in the wealth of the worldly spirit. Children, do not live challenging your creator.

My motherly heart is weakened by the burden of your sins.  When my Son is rejected by you, you hurt me,too. I tell you with a sigh. Children,  my Divine Son’s and my wealth  is  the souls of those  children who lead a life of purity and divine fervour in this world. But our wealth is decreasing. Satan, our enemy, celebrating his victory, has even become bold enough to laugh at us. Because, the wealth of Satan has increased.

My children, you who increase the wealth of Satan by revelling in the pleasures of sin and turning a deaf ear to God’s voice which calls humanity to the perfection of His Redemption, come back. Do not try to fathom the depth of the Sacred Heart of my Divine Son with your life which is just like a blade of grass. Open the doors of your hearts. Reflect on the terrible verdict of punishment that is about to take place. Accept the attempt of this mother to make your salvation possible. Obey whatever this immaculate heart has told you till this day. Pray very much. Renounce sin with their circumstances and love suffering. Partake of the Eucharistic sacrifice more frequently as  reparation. Transform  yourselves into the sacrificial objects of the Lord. My Divine Son will come again in the clouds to renew everything and to reestablish his glorious reign. Realizing the signs of the age, live with me in peace and self-confidence. May the peace of God rule over your hearts.

XLII  8 December  2000 : Message given by Our Lady on the   Feast of the

           Immaculate Conception.

My  beloved children, I invite everyone of you  who commemorate the glory of my Immaculate Conception to this Immaculate Heart which is the garden of purity. Today, I, your mother, who was chosen by the Holy Trinity to be the mother of the Word Incarnate, and who has given her Son, Jesus, for the salvation of mankind, am very sad. Because the arrows of sin of mankind strike the hearts of Jesus and of this mother, who do not know what sin is. However, my children, I look at you with love as one would do with one’s own children and with the satisfaction of seeing my own image in you. When you suffer, I suffer, too. When you rejoice, I, too, rejoice. When you do good, I am glad. Because my maternal kindness flows abundantly to all sinners, especially to those who have strayed away from God and to those who are in greater need of God’s Mercy. During this time of purification I lead you by hand along the difficult paths.

I helped and taught you to walk as a mother would teach her little children. How many times had I picked you up after every fall? Hadn’t I been with you, dressing your wounds and providing you strength in your weakness? Do not think that I am not with you because you do not have the fragrance of my heavenly presence. Let the fragrance of your prayer which supports you and the fragrance of sanctity which sanctifies you be with you. Satan has become successful in spitefully stealing away the invaluable virtue of chastity. He finds happiness in seeing my loving children living with a feeling of guilt. But children, do regain your happiness through the sacrament of confession and be spiritually full by receiving Holy Communion. Never in your life give way to despair following the stealthy ways, moods and tricks of Satan. The questioning  attitude, misunderstandings, and a state of rejection, make hurts in you. Though unknown to others, know that this mother sets the souls of others ablaze with the fresh blood that flows from the wounds of your souls which are more precious than gold. With hope, ascend the Mount of Calvary without musing over your doubts, even as you are surrounded by people who doubt. The divine plan will be fulfilled through your suffering, humility, simplicity, rejection and silence. I am beside you. I have invited you to a state where even your intimate friends are likely to scorn and reject you. On your accepting this invitation, my enemy will fail in preparing fatal snares to obstruct my army. Children, go ahead with fortitude, strengthened by a life of suffering, the power of the rosary, offering of the Holy Mass and consecration to the Immaculate Heart.

This is the time of great battle. Horror, agitations, mass murders, natural calamities, war, drought, riots and rejection of divine faith –  all these are signs of Satan’s joy. Children,  be better prepared. Live a life of love and virtue because the time for your king, Jesus Christ, to come in the splendour of his glorified body is near. As I was chosen as the mother of his second coming, I try to fulfill the mission of preparing humanity with motherly love. Children, strengthen me. Consecrate yourself to this Immaculate Heart where you can live in peace during this period of suffering. Ascending the Mount of Calvary together, we shall embrace a glorified future through holy suffering. Children, pray specially for the Holy Church and the Pope. As the administration is beset with controversies, make your prayers more intense. Hereafter there comes a time when I will speak only a little. However, you should not disobey a single thing even if you think it to be trivial. Amidst the troubles and tribulations of your age, live without fear in the peace of the Holy Spirit. I am with you.


XXXV   8  December 1999 : Message given by Our Lady on the   Feast of the  

               Immaculate Conception.

N.B.      (On this day Rani John had the stigmata experience.  Our Lady held the

               right hand of Rani John and  made her write this message)

My dear children, this day I spread my holy mantle over the entire  earth. But know that your mother – the epitome of beauty  – is much grieved since this generation on  earth is unable to  accept my mantle’s beauty, purity and protection. I, who have been free even from  the stain of original sin, have tried, through sacrifice and prayer to keep



my soul completely in the divine life. When  I opened up my mind for the fulfillment of God’s word, the spirit of divine knowledge filled me and overflowed,  moulding my heart

completely, and my body was enveloped by the innocent purity of the immaculate light. Even though you know all these, you still continue to be  children of ignorance. My children the time has come for   the crucified and resurrected Jesus  to be glorified more. It is high time that you, who are the unequalled beloved of my Divine Son,  showed Him as the only Saviour to all.  The scarcity of witnesses who live and act in Jesus is the reason for the present miseries.

Children, never think that your life in this world is eternal. You have to comprehend the reason for the misery of the world, especially of your land. The world which is full of human beings who have become the slaves of the sins of  impurity, stinks much more than the waste pit. The value and glory of human life is lost owing to the arrogant  march forward of the bloodthirsty. They do not know what they are doing. The Holy church is tottering due to oppressions of new controversies. The commemoration of the life of my Divine Son, His Sacred Body and His Precious Blood have all become topics of controversy. The children of the church are being divided and scattered. Satan roars hilariously seeing all these. Why don’t you understand these conditions in spite of the fact that all these situations were made clear to you repeatedly. The taste of the chalice  which you give to my Divine Son, whom you pledge to  love, is as bitter as poison. My son and I are crying partaking of this sorrow. You are not spoken to through parables and puzzles. Two hearts – the Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart – which are capable only of love, are talking to you. Listen to me at least now and obey. Without delay you are going to be renewed with fire. In the light of  divine justice and in the light and heat of that fire each person on earth will be able to discern internally the  condition of his own state . He will act thus because of your goodness so that His children may not be lost and that they attain heavenly joy. So my children, without being scared, accept the way of penance, be filled with good deeds and proceed forth with repentance. Think seriously about the fire kept in store by the Heavenly Father. My children, what I have


told you through the different apparitions is happening now. I remind you once again – The Holy Church is drying up. It  is about to fall like a rotten tree. Altars and churches are being robbed. Satan succeeds in making the priests and religious abandon their consecrated lives. The sins of impurity have increased. The rivers of blood flow faster than ever. The Holy Eucharist is being ridiculed. Those who preach and proclaim Jesus become the laughing stock. In tears this mother asks, – My children, what has happened to this generation? Why are my children fleeing as sheep without a shepherd to deserted and undeserving pastures? Why do you harm the Holy Spirit? No, my Children, never continue in this state of pride. Grow in humility. Take refuge in  the sacrament of reconciliation. The Holy Mass and the Rosary are the weapons of salvation left for you. Accept them.  Pray intensely. Know that the greatest sinner is eligible for the greatest mercy. My Divine Son rejoices in giving Himself immeasurably to human beings. He was born on earth as man and  suffered persecutions only to give you  imperishable and  eternal life. Never forget this, my children. Raise your prayers, lamentations and tears to heaven. Come my children, let us pray together.


           Our Father, have mercy on us, outstretch your arms and raise us from our lives devoid of harmony. God, our loving Saviour, protect us by your Precious Blood and save us from the terrible serpent that misleads us and is waiting to devour us. We thirst to view the glory of your ark of the covenant. Make us worthy and fill us with the spirit of God. Amen

XXX   8 December  1998 : Message given by Our Lady on the  Feast of

             the Immaculate  Conception        .

My beloved children, make your journey towards the centre of the Heart of the Holy Trinity comfortable by receiving  light from the Immaculate Heart of your mother who was conceived without sin. Since I am the mother of the entire human race, it is my duty to lead you to the Holy city of purity and love, taking away the dark shadow of sin and evil from the Church and the human race. Purified from human frailties, liberated from the stains of disloyalty and disbelief, the Church should be as beautiful as the Immaculate Heart of your mother which is free from wrinkles and scars. For that my children, you have to help your mother with your saintly lives. How hard man toils hoping to attain transient and futile treasures ! Truth and love are sacrificed in this world which is filled with hypocrisy and deceit.  My children, your mother who embodies perfect beauty is the symbol of hope. But my heart is pained seeing you more interested in living in the slavery of Satan, losing the reward of your spiritual beauty. Satan stains your souls with sin and prevents you from attaining the glory of life and achieving oneness with God. The outbursts of emotion and impurity have transformed men into  beasts. The world that is moving from the darkness of ignorance into further


darkness is challenging God. This challenge by man is at a time when the trials owing to miseries and sufferings are on the increase for each of them. The wicked remain firm in the path of evil and sin rejecting the urgent pleas for repentance and awareness of sin. As if benumbed by the unhealthy situations in which they live, the

 good are changing into pleasure seekers. The anointed of God have turned into pleasure seekers, enticed  by the worldly spirit, which they  had forsaken at the time they had accepted their vocation. The time for repentance has passed for those children, who have been enslaved to a wrong way of life and continue to live thus justifying it. My children lead a pure prayerful life – a life burning with love of God. Seek refuge in the Immaculate Heart of this mother. Receive the Holy Eucharist in a worthy manner. Have deep faith, intense devotion and say the Rosary. Accept the way of the cross and pray that the mercy of the compassionate  Jesus be showered on you. Let your cry for mercy  fill the face of earth.

Satan is trying hard to harm, depress and humiliate my children who experience the love of Jesus. He is trying to paint in black the revelations and truths given through my beloved child in this house.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Now, being desperate, he has become  troublesome and is trying to deform everything. He will not only make use of human beings but also the laws of nature, in his fits of wrath, to destroy evidences and to put forward false accusations. But do not be afraid my children. Never desire or wait for the world’s acceptance. Here, embrace the path of suffering for the victory of the Immaculate Heart of this mother. My Immaculate Heart is the brightened path which will lead you joyously to Jesus when He comes in his glory. This heart is the secure shelter, which has been prepared for you, to live in peace in your lives filled with pain. My children, in the days of utter darkness and universal chaos raise your eyes to this Immaculate Mother. Now, the hour is at hand. So, children, come with this mother to spread the light that is Jesus throughout the world.  Go ahead in prayer. I wish you the  peace of Jesus.



XXII 8  December  1997 : Message given by Our Lady on the Feast of  the

            Immaculate Conception.

I am the Immaculate Mother. Since I was destined to be the mother of the Word which became Incarnate in the most immaculate womb, i.e., with the motherhood of God in view, I was born free from original sin, nay, untouched even by the shadow of  Original sin and vouchsafed through the special plan of the most Holy Trinity. Have you not   read what has been foretold in the Book of Revelation, that this Immaculate Mother, sinless from the moment of conception, clad in the sun, will fight against the red serpent and his followers? That battle has begun. As in a battle in which a mother leads, and her children put up a united fight, you should fight against sin with rosary in hand. Children, sin is your real disease. Lack of awareness of sin is its cause. Children, since I am your


Immaculate Mother, Jesus has entrusted me with the task of transforming you continuously in His image. Yes, children, as He was breathing his last on the Cross, my Divine Son entrusted me the task of transforming you. That mission has to be continued by saving you from sin and Satan. For that, each of you has to be victorious along with this mother. You are the greatest joy of my holy heart. Each day I yearn to lead you along the path of perfect love. Children, the state of enmity, strikes, attacks and disasters, which you see as  temporary signs of the power of  evil  conquering the world, is  on the increase day by day. Do you not know that man is the cause of his own destruction? What value does human life have when this state of affairs is at its peak? Does not atmospheric pollution and human cruelty lead this world to the path of destruction? My children, even if all these things happen, the final victory will be that of my Son, Jesus, alone. In  preparation for this, children, do I today reveal myself all the more to this world through many apparitions  and extraordinary visions given in many places.

Children, let me remind you that it is your duty to give at least a drop of water from the ocean of mercy of Christ’s love to those children unable to love, and to those wearied children whose tongues are parched by hatred, violence and war. Children who are entrapped by the snares of the followers of Satan and those who fall into lives of sin and impurity are day to day on the increase. The mortal disease, Aids, the threat of bomb attacks, aborted human lives … Do you realize what all these indicate?  My children, I humbly request                                                                                                                                                                                          only for one thing – prepare adequately the hearts of the children of this world to receive the Holy Spirit. This is part of my plan. Pray that, by the mercy of the Father, the Holy Spirit may work abundantly in this world for the second Pentecost. Be enthusiastic to lead a life of love, virtue, sacrifice and fasting. Take care not to deceive yourselves. Peace will never be established in the world by the coming together or by the mutual understanding of those whom you describe as the angels of the earth. It is high time that the entire human race turned to God through repentance. And if you continue, failing to understand that that is the path to attain true peace, inexplicable disasters


will befall you, as all raise a hue and cry for peace and security. Today the world is on the edge of a dangerous well. This is a time of suffering for the church. As disbelief spreads and people follow the worldly spirit, many a time Satan succeeds in misleading even some of those who hold responsible positions within the church.

Children, through the messages that I give here and the signs of repentance, I desire that the world should rise to redemption.  For a brief span of time I was appointed by God the Father to be continuously active in order to reflect my Divine Son’s love in each of my children. But rumors, wicked thoughts and deeds and the media are at work through human beings against the love of Jesus. Even today many a child comes only for the fragrance; and the end of that, too, is not far. My children, strive forward to offer your lives to the Lord – lives rooted in the Word, the Holy Eucharist, the Rosary and praise and thanksgiving – and strive to be delivered from the state of sin. This Immaculate Mother will always be with you to shower on you the love of Jesus. Offer me your prayers and sufferings. Let the God of peace rule your hearts.


XXIII         24 December   1997 : Message given by Our Lady on the eve

                     Of Christmas.            

My beloved children, it is God the Father’s will that  you should be filled with the unique, luminous grace of love, hope and sanctity, and you have received this anniversary of the sacred birth. My children you must realize that the moments of suffering of the foster–father of the Divine Son and me, before giving birth to the saviour of the world, were to attain complete happiness and that happiness was for your redemption through sacrifice and pain. Do you realize that  the rejection meted out to my Son is  the reason for  the cave of Bethlehem, warmed by the breath of a bull and a donkey, to become the palace of the King of Kings, and a Manger to become the royal cradle? Today you cannot hear the heartbreaking cries of Jesus because of your pride, greed, materialism and frantic chase after the pleasures of the world. When my infant and I come near you pleading for room in your human heart, you drive us out mercilessly. You forget the fact that the duty to accept and bring up your brethren with joy to godliness resides in you. My children, suffer with this mother in self-confidence and patience. When you accept suffering as part of God’s plan, believe firmly that you will receive a new life, the golden radiance of hope. Prepare yourselves for His glorious second coming. Children, the sacrifices, the weariness of the journey, the severity of  winter, the moments of rejection and humiliation which I experienced with my husband, Joseph,  on the way to give birth to the infant Jesus, can befall you in different ways. However, if we got that cave prepared for the king of the world, the divine light of the world, and if  we  attained heavenly happiness in that stable, then, you too, will gain happiness in life even if the world hates you. My children, never, not  even once, yield yourselves to the world. Live in a spirit of sacrifice and intense prayer  with this mother. Give room in your hearts for my baby to be born. Listen to his first cry. Listen to the sound of his first mourn, and the sounds of his happiness, love and sacrifice. Prepare yourselves. Give his tender body the warmth of sanctity and not the heat of this world. I lay him down in the cradle of your hearts. Do not reject this babe. This acceptance becomes possible only on detesting the pleasures of the world. Children, let your daily life be well prepared. By the mercy of God the Father, the Infant Jesus and the mother of the Holy Eucharist, filled with grace, bless you.

II      08 December 1996 : Message given by Our Lady on the  Feast of

          the Immaculate Conception.

I am your loving mother, the mother who has reflected the image of Jesus, the embodiment of love! The most Holy Trinity by its mysterious disposition has raised me to the zenith of Glory. My children, you should be cleansed by the Precious Blood of Jesus, my Son, from all the stains of sin. I am much grieved thinking of my children who are enslaved by Lucifer, the enemy of the world. Your loving Immaculate Mother is by your side. Pray ardently for the clergy who are disloyal to my Son, Jesus, and the Church.





My Son and I are deeply pained thinking about the children who, instead of going closer to Jesus, the embodiment of peace and love, go after hatred, selfishness and corruption, and turn into unbelievers and vain people in a world filled with darkness.

Prepare yourselves from now on to reach my message to every nook and corner of the world and to receive the Lord our God. Try not to let yourself be deceived. Or else, when the whole world seeks peace and security, inexplicable miseries and mishaps will befall you. My dear daughter, the mission I have entrusted to you is small; but it is one through which many will be saved. Wounds will be inflicted on you by unbelievers but let not you or your family falter. Lead those who come here as I direct you – I am the Immaculate Mother.