today’s patroness

Pray for all stigmatists

angela of foligno

Anna Maria Taigi

Anna Rosa Gattorno                          

Camilla Battista Varani

Catherine Emmerich

Catherine de Ricci

Catherine of Genoa

Catherine of Racconigi (1486-1547), Dominican

Catherine of Siena 

Charles of Sezze

Christina Ciccarelli

Clara Isabella Fornari

Clare of Montefalco


Elizabeth Achler

Faustina Kowalska

Flora of Beaulieu

Francis of Rome

Francis of Assissi 

 Gemma Gelgani










Gertrude van Oosten

Helen of Hungary

John of God

Lydwina of Schiedam

Lucy of Narni


Margaret Mary Alacoque

Margret of Cortona

Margret of the Blessed Sacrament

 Maria Lopez of Jesus

Marie of the Incarnation

Mary Anne of Jesus (1557-1620),  Franciscan tertiary

 Mary Frances of the Five Wounds

 Mary of the Jesus Crucified

 Mathew Carreri

 Ossana of Mantua

Pdre Pio

 Rita of Cassia

Rita of Lima

 Stephana de Quinzanis

 Veronica Giuliani

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