St.Joseph Marello

Devotion of St.Joseph Marello  to St.Joseph obtained from prayers

O Saint Joseph Marello, like your patron and model St. Joseph, you are proof that sanctity consists not in extraordinary achievements that attract the world’s attention, but in the daily exercise of the virtues of simplicity, charity and humility. With complete trust in Divine Providence, you founded the Oblates of St. Joseph to serve the interests of Jesus in imitation of His guardian and protector. Father of youth, protector of the poor and aged, gentle shepherd of your flock, model of charity, you blended strength with kindness, prayer with action, and faithfulness to the Church with zealous attention to the signs of the times.

OSJ and St.Joseph

2. Your activity puts you at the heart of the Church. Indeed, the charism of the Oblates of St Joseph asks you to reproduce in your life and apostolate the ideal of service lived by the Guardian of the Redeemer. He, together with his holy Bride, lived in ineffable closeness with the incarnate Word, whom he had constantly before his eyes. It is this simple, hard-working lifestyle that you intend to follow, as you spread devotion to St Joseph by preaching, by publishing and, especially, by apostolic witness. This is the pastoral mission you carry out in humble places, among poor people, imitating the craftsman of Nazareth who protected Jesus and supported him in his preparation for the great work of Redemption. (Bl.John Paul 2’s address to OSJ, Thursday, 17 February 2000)


Members of the Families of St. Joseph:

  • Are convinced Catholic Christians faithful to the teachings of the Church;
  • Strive to serve God in imitation of St. Joseph;
  • Adopt as their own the particular spirituality of Blessed Joseph Marello;
  • Though not professed Oblates or aspirants, form part of the extended spiritual and apostolic family of the Oblates of St. Joseph;
  • Participate in an official Rite of Enrollment and have received the medal of St. Joseph that has been designated as the official insignia for the members of the Families of St. Joseph of the California province.



Persons become members for the following ends:

  • The glory of God and their own personal sanctification through the living of Josephite-Marellian spirituality.
  • Collaboration with and support of the apostolate of the Oblates of St. Joseph by direct involvement and/or by contribution of time and resources.
  • Promotion of devotion to St. Joseph and to Saint Joseph Marello.
  • Promotion of the Oblate vocations of priest and brother.

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