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1st Tabernacle
1. The Blessed Sacrament, as the Great Miracle of Love, and Bread of Life
2. Devotion to Mother Mary, as the First Tabernacle, and Mother of the blessed Sacrament

1. Pro-life
2. Preaching
3. Charitable works in the model of early Christian community against hunger and underdevelopment.
4. Prayer for Priests, as witness of the Great Miracle of Love at the altar.

1. Audio, Visual, Online Programmes to promote this mission.
2. Special place in this site for Saints and Angels.

As Founder Director of FirstTabernacle, I am confident that the Mother of life with the Great Miracle of Love will achieve this.

The opening ceremony of the First Tabernacle ministry was held at the First Tabernacle Eucharistic Marian Centre at East Kadungalloor, Alwaye on Nov 10, 2007 at 5:00 PM.

The New ministry was officially inaugrated and the centre was blessed by Very Rev.Fr,Joy Vallomkunnel MCBS, the Provincial Superior of MCBS Emmaus Province.

The Logo of the ministry was unveiled by Rev.Fr.James Meledath MCBS, the Asst.General of Missionary Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament.

The Ministry has four branches - Prayer for Priests, Prolife, spreading Eucharistic Devotion and Spreading Marian Devotion. They were inaugrated by Rev.Fr. Joshy Vezhamparambil (Vicar. St Joseph's Parish, Mangalapuzha), Rev.Fr.Antony (Vicar. St.Ann's Parish, Thottakattukara), Rev.Fr.Joseph Thottankara MCBS (Provincial Councillor, MCBS Zion Province) respectively

I am thankful to so many who are one with me behind this site with spiritual, financial helps and manpower. They want to be hidden in the Great Miracle of Love. May the Lord bless them. May Jesus and Mother Mary reveal them, I desire, according to the blessing and time of God the Father, in the Holy Spirit . The Great Miracle of Love will be their reward.

I thank my superiors who blessed and permitted me this ministry in the Great Miracle of Love and First Tabernacle
1st Tabernacle